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Business Plan

Clinic delivers physical therapy to all comers

Eric Edelman demonstrates a physical therapy exercise to his daughter, Sarah Grace Edelman.Handout

Eric Edelman founded Peak Physical Therapy & Sports Performance with a single clinic in Norwell in 2008, and he has since opened locations in Hanover, Quincy, and Scituate, serving 21 communities in the area. The business also offers aquatic therapy at various places, including the Atlantis Club at the Hyatt hotel in Braintree. Its fourth, and latest, clinic opened recently at the University Sports Complex in Hanover. We spoke to Edelman, 46, for this story.

Q. How did you come to start your own business?

A. I’d been doing physical therapy since 1994. I’m from New York originally and came to Massachusetts to work, and fell in love with the area. We moved to Norwell in 2008, the same time I opened my own business. I’d co-owned a place prior to that, but I opened Peak with the real desire to do things the way physical therapy was meant to be delivered.

Q. What makes Peak different?


A. We do many things, but the biggest is the breadth of our programs: We do fall-prevention programs, aquatics, women’s health, a TMJ/TMD program [for jaw joint disorders], post-concussion work, pediatrics, vestibular, you name it. We’re just able to help our communities in so many ways.

Q. Your business does volunteering as well?

A. Yes, I recently volunteered at Norwell High School teaching the freshman class about back health and safety, including the proper fitting of backpacks and exercises to strengthen their backs. We also offer free services to runners who participate in the half-marathon on Norwell. We don’t want to be a bunch of clinics churning patients in and out; we want to be a lot more involved in educating the community.

Q. You also do a fall-prevention program for seniors?

A. We partner with doctors’ offices or see anyone, elderly or not, with balance or falling issues. We go to senior centers teaching prevention, and we partner with doctors to help them use a measurement scale to assess fall risk. Our fall-prevention team was created to educate the community through interactive exercise, including Tai Chi; studies show that it reduces falls in seniors by up to 45 percent.


Q. Best advice to staying healthy?

A. Walk -- we’re built for it; it’s the most natural thing to do. We tell patients you don’t have to do marathons; just get moving. Park at the end of the lot and walk.

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