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Breaking the drug cycle

RE “A chance to avoid jail and kick the habit,” Nov. 3: This sounds good — merciful, considerate, realistic. It’s not guaranteed — the violators are vetted. It’s not offered to everyone who violates. And it’s only for people who are in the later phases of drug court, people who have already made a serious attempt to adhere to the program.


I just hope the vetting is fair and not abused and that we don’t end up with a two-tiered system of justice along lines that violate equal justice for all. I guess my thought would be to make it the default option and then have the criminal justice system have to affirmatively show why an individual is not a candidate for the program (I know, there are not enough beds for that yet). I think that would hold those excluded cases, and hence the fairness of the system overall, up to a higher level of scrutiny.

Diana Moses

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