Promenade funding vote set for Dec. 6

By John Laidler Globe Correspondent 

Less than two month after it was narrowly defeated at the fall annual Town Meeting, a proposal to fund the second phase of the Water Street promenade project in Plymouth will come up for another vote next month.

A Dec. 6 special Town Meeting recently scheduled by the Board of Selectmen will take up the proposed appropriation of $16.9 million for the second or northern phase of the project.


The funding measure failed at the Oct. 21 Town Meeting when 81 voted in favor and 41 opposed, one vote short of the two-thirds majority needed to pass the measure because it involves borrowing.

Selectmen agreed to schedule another vote on the proposal because three Town Meeting members said their votes were not tabulated due to what they believe was a malfunction with the electronic voting system.

The Dec. 6 meeting will also take a vote on another article defeated at the Oct. 21 meeting, a request that selectmen be authorized to acquire land easements along Obery Street for proposed improvements to the street. The Oct. 21 meeting rejected the plan by a vote of 75-49.

Selectmen opted to seek another vote because of the state money the town would lose if the project does not proceed, according to Town Clerk Laurence Pizer.

The meeting will also feature a citizens’ petition article that would restore town hall hours to what they were prior to the recent opening of the new town hall.

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