Town OK’s $300 fine for marijuana use in public

Consuming marijuana in any form on any public space in Scituate is now illegal and punishable with a $300 fine.

Voters imposed the prohibition as a new town bylaw during the Nov. 14 special Town Meeting.

The rule defines public spaces as any property maintained, owned, or under the control of the town -- including streets, sidewalks, footways, bridges, parks, playgrounds, parking lots, recreation areas, boat landings, buildings, schools, cemeteries, beaches, and sand spits.


Scituate had previously banned the sale and distribution of recreational marijuana in town until Nov. 30, 2018.

Town Meeting also approved spending $500,000 to repair or replace part of the seawall at Oceanside Drive. The money, which will come from a low-interest loan from the state, will be added to a $2.5 million state grant for the project.

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