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Let us (eat and) give thanks

RE “Give thanks for this old-fashioned holiday,” Nov. 17: I love turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, and all the other “traditional” Thanksgiving foods. I also wouldn’t turn down the foods Beverly Beckham listed. In particular I enjoy that Thanksgiving is (hopefully) a calm moment in time shared with a large subset of those I love most.


I love all the trimmings of Thanksgiving dinner, turkey my favorite, but I love the day more. Nothing is required, no presents, just show up and eat and be thankful for whatever you have and be with the family you choose or who chose you. Happy Thanksgiving to all.


Sorry, Ms. Beckham, there are many turkey lovers out there. Try making a reservation at the restaurant of your choice (at least where I live), and finding all is booked for their turkey specials, if one decides to eat out. And although I agree that families get together and laugh, argue, and share stories, how many really take that mental moment to count their blessings?



Thanksgiving is not the forgotten middle child in my family. It is by far everyone’s favorite. There are no presents, cards, or commercialism. Just family and friends (22 this year), food, football, and bocce.


An exceptional day

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RE “The many flavors of Turkey Day,” Nov. 17: I just love Thanksgiving! I love all the foods we grew up on, and it’s the one of two days a year I eat meat, the other being my mother’s corned beef and cabbage on St. Patrick’s Day. I wish everyone here a warm and happy Thanksgiving with good food and better company!


In Plymouth, not buying it

RE “Plymouth house frequented by Thoreau is for sale,’’ Nov. 17: Here we go again. Plymouth has no business purchasing another piece of property. The town and its committees are putting us taxpayers into bankruptcy. We taxpayers have just spent $40 million converting the 1820 courthouse into a new town hall, which should never have been. There is no plan of course to fund its maintenance. We have spent $4 million over the years on the Simes House in Manomet, another folly. . . . If the town has any thoughts of buying this property and we taxpayers have to fund another project that we can’t afford, there will surely be a mutiny.


Backing off in East Bridgewater

RE “School gives up fight to move to East Bridgewater,” Nov. 17: It’s so sad when the bullies win. What a horrible lesson these children have learned. I hope that the school eventually gets its farm, in a town that wants them. It sounds like a wonderful place.


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