Rocky statue dons Philadelphia Eagles gear

Mayor Bill Carpenter followed through on his losing bet with the mayor of Philadelphia last week -- decking out the statue of Brockton’s pride, heavyweight boxing champion Rocky Marciano, with a Philadelphia Eagles jacket.

Carpenter had challenged his Philadelphia counterpart, Jim Kenney, to a Super Bowl bet involving each city’s iconic Rocky sports statue.

If the New England Patriots won the football game, then Kenney would have to put Patriots’ gear on the statue of movie boxer Rocky Balboa, which stands next to the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum. If the Eagles won, then Carpenter had to drape Brockton’s own Rocky in Eagles’ wear.


Philadelphia took down the Patriots 41-33 on Feb. 4.

And Carpenter sadly made his way to the 20-foot-high statue outside Brockton High School on Feb. 27 and clothed it Philadelphia style.

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