Eat well, feed your neighbors

A townwide drive to benefit the Brookline Emergency Food Pantry is wrapping up this month with a $125 per person fund-raiser at the Fireplace restaurant on Jan. 30. More families are visiting the pantry this winter, up to nearly 100 a week from about 50 two years ago, according to Jim Margolis, volunteer manager of the pantry. “It’s bad out there,” he said, noting that there are more families with young children among the pantry’s clients. Harvey Bravman of Brookline Hub decided to increase last year’s efforts to raise funds and food for the pantry by holding a benefit dinner. “I wanted to do this for the pantry, and for Jim Solomon, who does so much for Brookline; something should come back to him,” Bravman said. Solomon is the owner of the Fireplace. The food drive, which placed plastic collection boxes in stores all over town, had netted more than $5,600 in cash donations and 56 bags of groceries. The Fireplace dinner starts around 6 p.m. Reservations, which are required, can be made at www.brooklinehub.com or by mailing a check, made out to the Brookline Emergency Food Pantry, to Feed Brookline Dinner, c/o Brookline Hub, PO Box 1914, Brookline, MA 02446.

- Andreae Downs