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    Real estate home sales/West


    15 Beacon St. #B Brian Callahan Co to Donald N. Mei and Laura E. Mei, $679,000

    72 Hamlet St. Earl F. Plumber and Janice E. Plumber to Samira Amini, $550,000

    116 Winchester Rd. Hilary Putnam to Mark J. Russell and Jami J. Russell, $385,000


    22 Huntington Rd. JP Morgan Chase Bank NA to Chris Butts, $320,000

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    5 Arizona Ter Stephen Muccini to Ying Ma and Ming Wei Li, $105,500


    219 Algonquin Trl Robert D. Conkey to Weiguo Qing and Yingna Cai, $302,000


    51 Willard St. Tyler Doris M. Est and Eric S. Johnson to Kimberly Obin and Robert L. Obin, $146,000

    154 Central Ave. John C. Canney to David R. Canney and Mark Canney, $125,000



    10 Overlook Drive 10 Overlook Drive T. and David N. Bernstein to David K. Hansen, $635,000

    30 Pickman Drive Lisa Guimond and Joshua A. Guimond to Janice E. Paquette, $473,000


    54 Highridge Rd. Michael C. Chaves to Joseph Mearn and Melissa Mearn, $429,000

    206 Temi Rd. Stacey A. Kunelius and Sean P. Kunelius to Janna Douglas, $215,000


    75 Kilburn Rd. Richard L. Rundell and Virginia Q. Rundell to Jeffrey Moriarty and Kelly Moriarty, $749,000


    27 Burnham St. Paula W. Belshaw 2008 RET and Paula W. Belshaw to Deborah R. Belshaw, $380,000


    11 Alden Drive HSBC Bank USA NA to Patricia J. Ward, $199,900


    338 Clinton Rd. Anna C. Thornton and David D. Locke to Matthew C. Stewart and Susan M. Stewart, $1,745,000

    1600 Beacon St. #305 Prithi Ravindar to Sankaran Ganapathi and Latha Ganapathi, $382,000

    28 Juniper St. #82 Rose Bell to Anna Shereshkova, $126,017


    144 Southfield Rd. Bentley Building Corp to Blake A. Stover and Emily A. Stover, $1,400,000


    63 Carter Drive R M. Donovan and Sarah J. Donovan to Chander P. Sharma and Amita L. Sharma, $935,000

    657 Water St. Leo N. Leung and Carisa N. Olivo to Valerie C. Chamberlain, $275,550

    258 Brook St. Barbara Wellman to Eric P. Rothenberg and Lawrence Rothschild, $275,000

    17 Foster Drive Laura A. Barker and Laura A. Vandorn to Elliot Schmiedl and Keyanna Schmiedl, $260,000

    88 Mansfield St. Robert Dicenso to Claire W. Lam, $250,000

    14 Weld St. Option One Mtg Loan T. and Wells Fargo Bank NA to Fernando G. Serra and Fernando G. Serra, $200,900

    695 Old Connecticut Path US Bank NA Tr to Sam Lam, $173,500

    1186 Worcester Rd. #811 Diane M. Harsch to I-Wey Tarn and Miao-Kuei Tarn, $76,500

    126 Beaver St. #147 Pak Ent Inc to William G. Johnson, $40,000


    20 Crystal Pond Lane Steven F. Miller to Tucker Dulong and Sarah E. Dulong, $436,000

    760 Pond St. Margaret R. Giuliano and Carolyn G. Macleay to Timothy P. Moore, $176,400


    1 Sanctuary Lane Weston Dev Group Inc to Bernard L. Garron and Sandra A. Garron, $390,000

    5 Robbern Rd. US Bank NA to Douglas George, $201,000


    279 River Rd. Stephen G. Larosee and Pamela J. Larosee to Stephen G. Larosee, $125,000


    18 Hudson Rd. Huimin Xu and Jianghua Tu to Zachary S. Peacock and Carolyn C. Peacock, $1,340,000

    10 Elena Rd. Douglas W. Chan and Teresa T. Chan to Vikas Gupta and Abhilasha Misra-Gupta, $898,000

    32 Journeys End Lane Judith S. Kelley and Robert C. Kelley to Yun Ding, $575,000

    9 Courtyard Place #9 Lexington Courtyard LLC to Han-Pil Choi and Hye R. Kim, $181,000


    351 Hemlock Circle #351 Mary E. Paine to Alice H. Zamore, $396,000


    152 Mill Rd. Catherine V. Hunt to Bo Yang and Shining Zou, $565,000

    9 Colonial Drive Claude L. Benoit and Linda L. Benoit to Mel R. Mcloughlin and Katherine L. Mcloughlin, $327,500


    3 Bradford Circle #7 Toll Ma Land LP to Pamela Lodi and Richard A. Lodi, $399,811

    75 Wilson St. Gary J. Longo to Iolanda Camara and Holiziel Camara, $239,900

    98 Howe St. Donna K. Pratt and Agda M. Pereira to Cheryl M. Holden, $110,000

    249 Boston Post Rd. E #10 FNMA to Xiang Luo and Naiqian Niu, $75,000

    11 Gates Ave. #1 Bank of America NA to Dan Tran, $62,000

    145 Pleasant St. #A203 FNMA to Geraldo F. Menezes, $60,000

    760 Farm Rd. #203 Anthony D. Quaglia and Daniel P. Quaglia to Anthony D. Quaglia and Lisa M. Quaglia, $50,000

    336 E Main St. #4 Carolina A. Fontoura to Angela Sanchez and Joshua C. Roldan, $39,000


    14 Walker St. Stanley M. Kulik to David Karoly and Melinda Norstein, $209,000

    5 Bellevue Ter Maynard Town Of to Louise E. Libby, $67,500


    8 Walden Court Karg 2002 FT and Randal W. Karg to John S. Briedis and Catherine W. Briedis, $845,000

    62 Green St. #2 Patricia C. Parmigiane to Jonathan A. Roberta and Eileen Vazquez, $238,500


    149 Holliston St. Daniel K. Fernsebner to Hector J. Tovar and Carrie B. Tovar, $360,000

    3 Winthrop St. FNMA to Melanie Sabtchev, $174,000

    118 Village St. #A Beneficial Massachusetts to Jeanne Karsberg, $45,000


    30 Emmons St. Emmons Street NT and William Morin to Christine E. Silva and Anthony D. Silva, $264,750

    5 Shadowbrook Lane #16 FNMA to Brian P. Avery and Diana L. Avery, $99,900

    48 N Bow St. #6 FHLM to Leonardo Leite, $95,000


    226 Pond St. #2 Course Brook Village LLC to Bruce R. Nable and Robin G. Nable, $586,500

    9 Bellevue Rd. William A. Presutti to Crystal Vase LLC, $375,000

    21 Nimitz Circle Killam Horace G. Jr Est and Horace G. Killam to Catherine M. Eaton, $314,500

    158 Speen St. Brian Kelley and Jennifer Juel to Matthew S. Difonzo and Adrienne Difonzo, $311,500


    499 Webster St. Roy F. Cederholm and Ruth A. Cederholm to Nayan S. Patel and Stephanie M. Patel, $685,000

    46 Howland St. Gang Liang and Song S. Liu to David Zarraga, $455,000


    79 Hillside Ave. Lawrence Hamelsky and Susan Janosky to Raleigh A. Shoemaker and Katherine D. Shoemaker, $2,175,000

    151 Franklin St. Thomas P. Reardon and Jean S. Reardon to Ellen K. Donnelly and Erling T. Donnelly, $1,592,650

    73 Charlesbank Rd. #305 Vicki Pembroke to Arkady Potashinsky and Sofia Potashinsky, $235,500


    103 King St. Carloni Virgil Est and Muriel Carloni to Kallinder S. Dhinsa and Beth A. Dhinsa, $475,000

    22 Lakeshore Drive Baystate Properties RE to Lakeshore RT and Daniel J. Scholl, $92,000


    30 Main St. Douglas J. Telepman and Douglas Telepman to Christopher G. Milton and Mildred Milton, $470,000

    17 Cyrus Way Cyrus Brook Of Northborou to John P. Glowik and Quyen V. Nguyen, $349,900


    7 Allen St. Mcmakin Patricia A. Est and Robin M. Beaudry to Donald E. Lane and Jonathan S. Lane, $122,500


    26 Carter Rd. Rosario J. Grillo and Mary E. Grillo to Brian C. Hamilton and Susanne C. Hamilton, $617,500

    14 Harriet Ave. Tamburro Salvatore D. Est and Sally J. Tamburro to Joseph Tamburro, $200,000


    128 Packard Rd. William Luhrs and Susan K. Luhrs to Darren P. Fitzgerald and Elisa M. Fitzgerald, $630,000


    10 Frost Lane Gilbert E. Forest and Ellen K. Forest to Jeffrey Goldberg and Crystal Goldberg, $1,122,500

    89 Concord Rd. Christopher J. Ramsdale to Jonathan Poor and Mary C. Poor, $750,000

    188 Morse Rd. Kathleen Y. Hall and Geoffrey R. Hall to Richard P. Illiano and Erika D. Illiano, $498,000

    192 Newbridge Rd. Robert L. Cantin T. and Robert L. Cantin to Caleb A. Bliss and Robin L. Bliss, $470,000


    18 Snow Circle Louis J. Zottola and Angela R. Zottola to Antonette L. Karish and Edward B. Karish, $742,000

    80 Francis St. Roselia Escobar to Caroline Accenat, $309,000


    134 Mount Auburn St. #1 128-134 Mount Auburn RT and Brian C. Badrigian to Wei-Lee Shia and Mary K. Shia, $850,000

    39 Pierce Rd. Jennifer Brody to Sze P. Cheng and Ting W. Lai, $233,500


    617 Hayfield Lane Field At Mainstone Inc to Elisabeth W. Comer FT and Elisabeth W. Comer, $985,000

    269 Pelham Island Rd. Joanne Rapchuck and Kenneth A. Schwartz to Maureen Maas, $635,000


    101 Royalston Rd. Dewey J. Awad and Margaret B. Awad to Ian Blasco and Caitlin Blasco, $2,500,000


    2 Indian Hill Rd. ALT Real Est Dev LLC to Laurie G. Schoen 2005 RET and Laurie G. Schoen, $2,850,000

    To search for homes for sale in the area, go to www.boston.com/realestate.

    Copyrighted material previously published in Banker & Tradesman, a weekly trade newspaper. It is reprinted with permission from the publisher, The Warren Group, www.thewarrengroup.com/bg.

    To search for homes for sale in the area, go to www.boston.com/realestate.Copyrighted material previously published in Banker & Tradesman, a weekly trade newspaper. It is reprinted with permission from the publisher, The Warren Group, www.thewarrengroup.com/bg.