Real estate transactions


53 Winter St. Gaetano S. Bosignore and Martha M. Bosignore to Jagat Adhiya and Nandana Mewada, $580,000

97 Warren St. Susan A. Brau and David D. Sears to Jason Elias and Courtney Elias, $362,000

9 Bowdoin St. Kathleen R. Benjamin to George B. Hicks and Susan Hagner, $300,000


76 Concord St. Glen Resch and Brenda Resch to John L. Kliss and Diana V. Kliss, $375,000


188 Washington St. Michael J. Macdougall and Philippa J. Macdougall to Steven Desy and Linda Martin-Desy, $385,000

18 Pingry Way James L. Kirkwood and Julie E. Kirkwood to James E. Brothers and Ann C. Brothers, $252,000

401 Autumn Ridge Drive Autumn Ridge Dev LLC to Francis X. Callaghan, $249,900


15 Hillcrest Road Ray Vesty to Noel Zamot and Diane I. Zamot, $649,900

18 Burlington Road Yelana Dvinova to Dmitry Kerov, $450,000


51 Brisson St. Robert L. Dorval to Michael J. Meehan, $205,000


81 Pinehurst Road Lynne A. Delise to Kate W. Moriarty, $1,450,000

153 Claflin St. Joseph G. Clark and Kathleen M. Clark to Marko Loncar and Evelyn M. Encinas-Loncar, $936,000

75 Richardson Road Luc Vandam and Marta B. Vandam to Benjamin Smith and Tara S. Smith, $815,000

118 Blanchard Road Donald F. Macneil and Joan M. Macneil to Julien Gratier and Nissia S. Gratier, $499,000


77 Monmouth St. Harald Vonboehmer and Monica Vonboehmer to Mark Zimman and Sarah M. Zimman, $1,815,000

15 Adams St. Bernard M. Septimus and Chani Septimus to Saraswathi Mandapati and Lakshmaiah Gingipalli, $971,000

54 Stearns Road, No. 3 John K. Thorndike and Kathryn Thorndike to Sylvain Lapan and Elliot Lapan, $699,000

266 Russett Road Brian Mckie and Lin Mckie to Alexander Kuritnik and Victoria Kuritnik, $683,000

38 Stanton Road, No. 1 Deborah Wieder and Philip Schuchert to Aaron Hoffman and Shusmita Dhar, $526,000

1450 Beacon St., No. 302 Yvonne M. Kelzer to Jennifer K. Zak, $340,900


138 Baker Ave. Thomas H. Conway and Nancy A. Conway to James Schermerhord and Krysten Schermerhord, $985,000

57 Everett St. Scott A. Turpin and Margaret W. Turpin to Anthony Steers and Hilary Bovey, $665,000


10 Draper Road Brian P. McAloon and Ann McAloon to RPC RT and Pasquale O. Compagnone, $1,550,000


199 Millwood St. Joann M. Cammarano to Stephen M. Young and Lynne A. Young, $550,000

26 Ashmont Drive Steven M. Kamin and Janis F. Kamin to Glenn E. Resch and Brenda M. Resch, $400,000

12 Little Farms Road Blake E. Munson to Paula M. Grover, $360,000

103 Edgell Drive Yolanda Madrid and Jose Madrid to Tatyana Zakarova and Ilya Shifrovich, $300,000

19 Fairbrook Road James P. Cawley and Patricia E. Cawley to Pablo Bradley and Mendy Palencia-Bradley, $275,000

1550 Worcester Road, No. 416 Lyudmila Granik to Hilda Gabour, $130,000


18 Monterey Drive Thomas T. Blailock and Samiha C. Khayatt to Cynthia A. Vendetti, $397,000

56 High Ridge Circle Stephen A. Duplessie to Cynthia J. Buffi and David B. Glenn, $300,000

Green St. Lauren C. Doak to Christopher P. Palladini and Michelle L. Palladini, $110,000


203 Stow Road JTC RT and Frederick L. Cole to Brian C. Richard and Lori A. Richard, $150,000


70 Turner Road FNMA to ­Ebonique P. Faria, $234,900


179 Saddle Hill Road Jason L. Mard and Barbara F. Mard to Kenneth O’Toole and Nicole O’Toole, $362,500


53 Florence St. Todd Donald R. Est and Barbara Henderson to Meghan M. Clark, $260,000

19 Grove St. John W. Tierney and Nancy A. Tierney to Su S. Wee, $250,000

1 Sumu Court Jessica Oliveira to David J. Laiho and Trisha L. Senborn, $169,000


635 Reed St. Daniel R. Voss and Jennifer E. Voss to Can C. Ozbal and Teresa L. Wright, $761,000

82 Grant St. Nilanjana Rakhit to Michael J. Levitt and Linda J. Levitt, $589,000

69 Spring St. Deena L. Dubin and Stephen D. Strickler to Gary S. Muntz, $501,000


165 Tower Road Kaija E. Raag T. and Reetta Raag to Tai M. Tran and Jacqueline A. Tung, $367,500


1 Jeannette Way Mark A. Johanson and Brenda Johanson to Nancy E. Hagman, $169,320


72 Whitelock Drive David Harley and Kathleen A. Sullivan to Andrea Myers and Christian Grych, $276,000

33 Baldwin Ave. Harold Wilion to Alexander E. Elliot, $269,000

154 Mechanic St. Juan A. Blanco to Lucio Perrina and Clodoaldo Oliveira, $132,000


1 Cross St. Songan Liu and Wenhong Cheng to Stephen J. Ganem, $368,000

55 West St., No. 4A Robert G. Wade and Ann P. Wade to Donald M. Hampton and Marjorie T. Hampton, $260,000


18 Heritage Drive Marlene M. Casciano to Dennis C. Paul and Peter Mariano, $200,000


46 Walden Way Jacklyn Schiavo and Edward Schiavo to Parviz Alasti and Janet Woodman, $412,000

14 Janock Road Shiela A. Raine to Ashley Bukowski and Justin A. Arpino, $267,500

14 Thayer St. Irene Felton and Stephen R. Felton to Charles R. Julian and Craig M. Julian, $199,000


24 West Central St. Linda S. MacIntosh to Neal C. Foley and Amy L. Foley, $650,000

6 Caswell St. Cubach FT and Howard T. Cusack to Ke Zhang, $579,000

20 Bay State Road Lawrence B. O’Connell and Susan W. O’Connell to Peter C. Perkins, $420,000

12 Lakewood Road Harold E. Greene to Christopher J. Darcy and Ann M. Darcy, $380,000

29 Wellesley Ave. Michael J. Turgel and Charla R. Turgel to Leo J. Cook and Jessica W. Yu, $362,500

50 Pilgrim Road Harold Aronson to Paulina Corbett and John Corbett, $312,000

3 Leighton St. Catherine I. Nagy to Bin Zhao, $265,000

6 Larchwood Lane Shalev Sabari and Michelle A. Sabari to Elena C. Gonzales and Marianne Curran, $52,000


45 Stonecrest Drive David Laliberte and Beth Laliberte to Candace L. Sloane and Barry Sloane, $2,000,000

118 Evelyn Road Bruce R. Ricciardelli to Michael J. Turgel and Charla R. Turgel, $967,250

92 Sutton Road 92 Sutton RT and Jean M. Donovan to Emmanuel G. Belibasakis and Irene Belibasakis, $575,000

41 Bird St. John R. Bauer and Yolanda V. Bauer to Brian Onuallain and Thomasena Shaw, $570,000

260 Hunting Road Kirill Bensonoff and Mark Bensonoff to Irina Ratskovskaya, $530,000


52 Hyde Ave. Gregory L. Verdine and Kasumi Verdine to Russell Wilcox and Gina Wilcox, $2,630,000

37 Gay St. Richard Ferber to Scott W. Mccarley and Roxanne E. Mccarley, $780,150

762 Walnut St. Mary R. Beattie and Barbara J. Bubash to Jonah Pollard and Aileen Pollard, $662,000

31 Daniel St. Paula H. Krick to James S. Pringle, $518,000

125 River St., No. B Greg Juedes and Mary Juedes to Zhong Ouyang and Wenji Peng, $510,000


7 Old Coach Road Emilia F. Konieczny to Dennis E. Scofield, $332,000


5 Weber Lane, No. 2 Stirup Brook LLC to Megan E. Byron and Andrew M. Byron, $765,000


47 Cider Hill Lane Mark D. Hershey and Judith L. Hershey to Elliot Silver and Karen Silver, $885,000


89 Stoney Hill Road Vikas Sachdeva and Kanan Sachdeva to Stephen A. Jabbar and Zainab Basheer, $421,000

13 Hylair Drive Raymond J. Stevens and Janet E. Halpin to Sarath C. Nagabhirava and Soujanya Nagabhirava, $320,000

49 Orchard Meadow Drive Judith E. Logan to Maureen A. Monieau and Wilfred E. Monieau, $317,000

77 Main Blvd. Brian T. Cotter and Melissa A. Cotter to Wenlei Cao and Lan Ji, $262,000


14 Baldwin Drive, No. 94 Stow Villages LLC to Harvinder S. Rayat and Simranjyot Rayat, $325,000


14 Tall Pine Drive George A. Bradley and Joan E. Pemberton to Joseph Anzalone and Abby Anzalone, $510,000

63 Pinewood Ave. Paul N. Rice and Carol M. Rice to Brendan J. Hannigan and Laren M. Hannigan, $454,500

220 Maynard Road Eldon K. McWilliams and Ruth I. McWilliams to Stephen P. Andrade, $245,000


14 Hersum Way Jeannette Romeo to Michael J. Moriarty, $529,000

25 Overlook Road Chansook M. Vongnaphet to Alanna Bock-Butler, $347,500


11 Lovell Road Curtis ­Adams and Toni Chancellor-Adams to Jos Dewit, $586,500

239 Lexington St. Lilian L. Colman to Anna Arshakyan, $580,000

52 Melendy Ave. Chik P. Kwong and Ying Y. Kwong to Rex A. Palmer, $575,000

19 Marion Road John A. Arone and Lucille E. Arone to David Bogue and Tania L. Bogue, $562,500

36 Robbins Road Mary E. Calhoun to Michael Timperio and Monica D. Timperio, $535,000

36 Green St. Mcdonough Mary A. Est and Robert J. Mcdonough to Virginia M. Mcdonough and Maura Emery, $225,000


140 School St. James G. Macdonald FT and James G. Macdonald to Jason M. Rod­rigo and Christina M. Rod­rigo, $818,000

89 Hillside Drive Carol D. Sohn to Laura Lerner, $531,750

8 Damon St. Brian D. Mc­Carthy to Kelly P. McCarthy and Bruce E. Armstrong, $360,000


15 McLean St. Lichu Chen and Hernshann Chen to Cesar A. Benitez and Lenys C. Tores, $1,250,000

29 Orchard St. Kevin Crowley and Candace Crowley to David J. Collard and Ann F. Collard, $1,250,000

30 Hastings St. Michael D. Carroll and Jessica K. Carroll to Yafeng Guan, $130,000


22 Pelham Road Jack L. Messman to Howard L. Wolk and Candice Wolk, $4,200,000

98 Lexington St. Jennifer S. Clayson to Peter H. Tallas and Annmarie L. Tallas, $1,800,000

To search for homes for sale in the area, go to www.boston.com/realestate. Copyrighted material previously published in Banker & Tradesman, a weekly trade newspaper. It is reprinted with permission from the publisher, The Warren Group, www.thewarrengroup.com/bg.