New parking meters are en route

After a successful trial of new single-space parking meters, Brookline is moving forward with plans to replace the remaining multispace parking meters along its streets in March. Selectmen approved a contract this month with San Diego-based IPS Group Inc. to install a total of 405 single-space meters that accept coins and credit cards, including about 100 of the devices that were used in a trial program this year. The replacement project will be completed this winter, said Town Administrator Melvin Kleckner. At the beginning of last year, the town spent more than $1 million to replace single-space meters that only accepted coins with multispace meters in the town’s largest business districts. But residents complained that the new meters were slow, confusing, and burdensome for older drivers, since they require a motorist to walk from his or her parked car to the central unit, pay the fee and print out a receipt, and walk back to the vehicle to put the slip in the window, even in inclement weather. Kleckner said the town will continue using multispace meters in municipal parking lots, but next spring they will be converted to a pay-by-space system that will not require motorists to return to their vehicle with a receipt showing they had paid for the space. Multispace meters will also continue to be used along Beacon Street’s median near the St. Mary’s Street stop on the Green Line, where special parking rates are charged during Red Sox home games.