Parking ban melts away, for now

Waltham traffic officials have decided to temporarily lift the city’s overnight parking ban after a series of mild winters. Frank Lombardo, clerk of the city’s traffic commission, said the commission decided to temporarily lift the ban, which prohibits parking on city streets from 2 to 6 a.m., at its December meeting. Traffic officials will revisit the topic in the spring to see if the town should get rid of the ban permanently. “The need for the parking ban seemed to melt away, so to speak, because the snow wasn’t there,” Lombardo said. He said the city can also still declare a parking ban during a snow emergency so plows can clear the street. Narrower streets in Waltham that feature signs stating different parking rules, such as no parking, must still be followed. For more information, contact the traffic department at 781-314-3400.