Shred documents, recycle metal items

Billed as a “DPW Double-Header,” a free paper-shredding and metal-recycling event for residents is taking place Saturday from 9 a.m. to noon at the town Department of Public Works building at 314 Great Road. Residents may bring paper documents to the mobile shredding truck and watch them be destroyed; the process is generally considered by law enforcement officials to be a vital tool in preventing identity theft. All paper shredded during the event will be recycled. Staples, paper clips, and small binder clips can be mixed in with paper, but metal hanging folders should be removed. The DPW is also offering free disposal of scrap metal items, including aluminum, brass fixtures, catalytic converters, copper, electric motors, heater cores, lead, radiators, stainless steel, transmissions, cast iron, drum brakes and rotors, and empty helium, neon, freon, scuba, fire extinguisher, and propane tanks. For more information about the event, call 781-275-7605.