Tax work-off proposal for veterans

Local military veterans may be able to pay part of their property tax bill in work instead of money, if voters approve the measure at Town Meeting on April 29. The initiative is part of the Veterans’ Access, Livelihood, Opportunity, and Resources Act, a state program designed to help new military veterans as they transition into civilian careers. The town’s participation was supported by selectmen on April 8. Under the tax work-off program, veterans under age 60, or the spouses of veterans who were killed in action, would be able to cut $500 from their property tax bills in exchange for working for the town as volunteers. Older veterans are eligible for a similar program offered to all senior citizens through the Council on Aging. If Town Meeting approve the plan, veterans with a family of four and income of less than $112,000 would be eligible for the program. The duties that would be performed had not been determined.