Schedules online for soccer tournament

By the math alone, organizing the Framingham United Soccer Club’s Memorial Day Classic tournament is an exercise in misery: 110 teams, thousands of families, hundreds of coaches, refereees, and volunteers, all spread across three locations.

So tournament director Scott Vermilya had an epiphany: Rather than hand out 30-page paper booklets with the byzantine schedules, why not create a mobile website that would allow parents, coaches, and everyone else to get all the details, including directions to each game, on their smartphones?

Vermilya thought of Jason Summerfield, CEO of Qfuse, a Framingham startup that creates mobile websites and QR codes, usually for businesses. Vermilya had coached Summerfield’s daughter in soccer.


Summerfield knew the complications of the tournament. “Parents, when they’re running around, especially if they’ve got more than one child playing in the league, it’s hard to keep track,” he said.

To keep the online schedule simple, Vermilya wanted to avoid using an app, more complicated to design than a mobile website, and more difficult to get, since parents would have to download it, rather than just viewing on their browser.

So Qfuse created the website, which debuted last year as a pilot program. For this year’s tournament, taking place this weekend, the website will be used again. It includes buttons to tap for GPS-based directions to the location of each game.

“For parents driving to a soccer tournament, this made it very easy,” Vermilya said. “You wouldn’t even have to input it into your mapping software.”

The website also included a “First Aid” button for injuries that at least one family used to get directions to a local hospital, Summerfield said.

Qfuse, which created the website pro bono, is recognized as a sponsor of the tournament. Paper booklets are still available for people who do not have smartphones.

Vermilya said tournament officials believe they are among the first local events to use a mobile website as an organizing tool.


“Managing a tournament like this a quite a beast,” he said.

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