Letter: Don’t forget Tilly’s pretzels

I greatly enjoyed your article on the Bacon Street Farm, aka “Tilly’s” (“Legacy of Mom and Pop,” June 23). We lived a few houses down from the store through the ’80s and it was a great neighborhood resource and meeting place.

When small children such as my son came in, Bob Ciccarelli would drop whatever he was doing and entertain them with puppets or song. He could make the puppets so lifelike that they sometimes scared the younger kids. Everyone there was unfailingly helpful and cheerful.

I am surprised no one mentioned the pretzels. Tilly always kept a box of large stick pretzels on the shelf under the checkout and invited kids to take one as they were leaving. I often wondered how many kids asked their parents to go to Tilly’s so they could get a pretzel.


Bob and Fran still look the same as they did 30 years ago. Rick has aged a bit, as he was a fresh-faced kid helping part time when we met him.

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Anyway, thanks for bringing the story to your readers.

Fred DeFinis