Police urge vigilance against con artists

Local public safety officials are warning citizens to be vigilant of home improvement contractor scams and house burglaries, crimes that spike in the spring and summer seasons. Police said con artists will sometimes knock on a resident’s door and offer to repave their driveway or do other similar work, only to find a “mistake” that will cost the resident thousands of dollars. Burglars are also known to distract residents and gain access to their house by posing as utility workers, or having children or partners ask to use the bathroom or phone to keep the resident’s attention elsewhere while the perpetrator steals valuables. Burglars are also known to watch for residents doing yard work, using that time to steal items from inside the home, police said. Officials recommend residents turn down solicitors, not to let them inside their home, and to call police if contractors begin “working” without a resident’s consent. Police also recommend not to let strangers use the bathroom or phone, said residents should call the Police Department at 781-235-1212 to check whether any utility work is being done in the area. Police said senior citizens are especially targeted for these types of scams and burglaries. For more information, visit www.wellesleypolice.com.