Curtin lands assistant clerk’s job

Former city councilor Thomas Curtin, who resigned from his seat in May, has been unanimously approved by council members as Waltham’s assistant city clerk . Curtin started his new job this month, said City Clerk Russ Malone. No one else was nominated for the position, which became available with the retirement of Kevin Ritcey at the end of last month . The assistant clerk position pays around $80,000 for the first year, Malone said, and then increases according to city law. The job’s final compensation could also eventually include certain bonuses like longevity pay. Malone was unanimously reaffirmed by the City Council in April to serve as city clerk for another three years. Curtin had to relinquish his City Council seat at least 30 days before the council could consider him for the assistant’s position. His former Ward 4 council seat will remain empty until the city’s general election this fall. In the meantime, ward residents with any issues or concerns can contact other councilors through the municipal website, www.city.waltham.ma.us.