Free music downloads available through library

The Millis Public Library is relaunching a digital music program that allows members to have access to free music downloads. Through an unlimited Web subscription with Freegal Music, the library offers Millis patrons up to three downloads per week per library card. Each cardholder’s account resets Monday morning, after which each account allows three new downloads. Songs count as one download, music videos as two, and are in MP3 and MP4 formats. Downloads are free and permanent, meaning once content is downloaded to a device, it does not disappear unless manually deleted from a device. Since subscribing to Freegal in 2011, the library has seen more than 158 patrons use more than 5,000 downloads. Today, the Freegal collection includes over 7 million songs and music videos from more than 28,000 labels that cover a diverse range of genres. To access this resource, visit the library website at www.millislibrary.org and click on the Freegal icon on the right side of the page.