Twins turn basketball letdown into a plus


Lucas and Myles Holt were disappointed last year when they were cut from the Natick High basketball team as freshmen.

Their mother, Heather, did not let the twins mope around for long.

“She said, ‘Why don’t you go out for track?’ ” Lucas recalls.


Maybe it would work, Lucas thought. After all, he was pretty fast running on the basketball court, he said.

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Last year, he wound up competing in the 300- and 55-meter events, and the 4x400 relay for Natick.

At the Division 2 state meet for freshmen and sophomores, he turned in the best time — 6.93 seconds — among freshmen in the 55-meter sprint.

Last week in the state indoor track meet at the Reggie Lewis Center, Lucas and Myles, now sophomores, were half of the 4x400 unit from Natick that took first place.

Myles also finished second in the 300-meter dash.


“It’s the sport I want to stick with,” said Lucas. Myles is on board too. “I want to take track as far as I can,” Myles said.

“No limits. I have two more years. I’ll see how far I can go. I think I can get better in my best events, the 300 indoor and 400 outdoor.”

Natick’s winter track coach, Matt Miller, said the twins “give us a lot of versatility in the events they do.

“They have two more years after this, so it gives us a chance to be competitive in the Bay State Conference and in state meets,” Miller said.

Besides basketball, Lucas and Myles had played soccer and football growing up.


When they settled on track, their dad, Leon Holt, hired Trevor Garrick from the Reggie Lewis Center to be a personal trainer and coach for his boys.

The team

It may not be a full-blown sibling rivalry the twins have going, “but we’re competitive,” said Lucas. “We want to beat each other. We practice together a lot.”

In his freshman indoor year, Myles did the 55-meters, the 300, and high jump. He scored modestly.

“He got a lot better in the spring,” said Miller. “He was best at the 300. In the 4x400 relay, he ran a 52.6. That’s a very good split.” Looking ahead, Miller said, “Myles has the potential to be the best in the state in the 4x400.”

Besides the 300 and relay, Lucas does the long jump. He had some success last year at 55 meters. “But we worked him into the 300. It was a much more natural fit for him,” said Miller. His best 300 was a 37.3.

“For a freshman, that’s definitely pretty good. In the 4x400 relay he did a 51.9 split indoors and 51.8 outdoors.

“We think in the spring, we’ll see a big improvement,” said Miller, who also coaches the school’s cross-country team.

In his freshman year, Lucas was named the indoor track team’s best newcomer, and Myles was the top rookie on the outdoor squad last spring.

“They just kind of showed up,” said Miller. “And they did very well.”

“They’ve worked very hard,” said Leon Holt.

Both brothers have goals for the outdoor season. “In the 200 I’d like be around 22.5, and around 49 seconds in the 400,” said Lucas. “In the long jump, 20 feet. My best is 19 feet 4¼ inches.

“I’m trying to get under 49 seconds in the 400, and in the low 22s in the 200,” said Myles.

Lucas and Myles also score in the classroom.

“That’s even better,” said the father. “They’ve been on the honor roll since sixth grade.”

With fierce maternal pride, Heather Holt said, “the boys do very well in school. They’re cute and I love them.”

The boys will spend their third consecutive summer at the renowned Ron Burton Training Village in Hubbardston.

That program endeavors to develop well-rounded youths, not just athletes, and goes under the banner Love, Peace, Patience, Humility.

“I’ve learned a lot there, like you have to work to get what you want in life,” said Myles.

Said Lucas: “We get up at 4:30 in the morning and run 8t miles in the woods, and there are a lot of hills.”

Natick High athletic director Tim Collins said he thinks the Holt twins are “great kids.” Collins and Leon Holt were rivals in basketball during their high school days in the mid-1980s.

“I went to Walpole and Leon to Wellesley,” said Collins. The rivalry continued in college, Collins going to Bates and Holt to New England College.

Neither Holt twin dwells on having to put other sports aside.

“I can play them in my free time,” reasoned Lucas.

After all, they figure they are on the right track.

Lenny Megliola can be reached at lennymegs@aol.com.