Deadline for pesticide-exclusion forms

Residents who want their property excluded from pesticide applications by a regional mosquito-control agency must submit a completed request form to Town Clerk Barrie H. Clough before Saturday. The one-page form is available on the town’s website, www.doverma.org . It asks for a list of the property’s neighbors, how the property will be marked for exclusion by spraying crews, and the reason for the request. The state’s Department of Public Health reserves the right to waive the exemption in case of a public health emergency, according to the form. The Norfolk County Mosquito Control District provides spraying to member communities, as well as weekly mosquito counts and information about mosquito-borne diseases. More information about the spraying project, including the types of pesticides used, is available on the agency’s website, www.norfolkcountymosquito.org.