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For the ulimate pizza party: a mobile brick oven

Rhonda and Louis Caissie feed a Marlborough office party.Rose Lincoln for the Boston Globe/Globe Freelance

As its name implies, Vesta Mobile Wood-Fired Pizza brings its 750-degree brick pizza oven on location for private parties, wedding receptions, farmers markets, festivals, and other events year-round. Owners Rhonda and Louis Caissie, who live in Shirley, assemble the pizzas on the spot before popping them into the oven, and serve them buffet-style on 16 feet of handcrafted wooden tables that encourage sampling. Rhonda had this to say:

Q. How did you get the idea for the business?

A. Lou is a drywall contractor and master craftsman, and I’ve been the treasurer at the water district in town for 23 years. When the construction industry got very slow around 2008, we decided to come up with an additional business that could tide us over, and also take us into retirement. We like to cook and bake, and we’d go out of our way to find wood-fired pizza, so we started researching the best pizza ovens to withstand the New England roads and weather.

Q. What makes yours so well-suited?

A. Our Le Panyol oven is special because the bricks are made from “terre blanche,” or white earth, clay from Provence, France. The oven is 100 percent organic, and it warms up fast and has good heat retention. With my interior design background and Lou’s master craftsmanship, we designed and built an aesthetically beautiful unit in 2012, and launched the business in January of 2013.

Q. Where do you get your ingredients?

A. The Beetza has beets from Winter Moon Roots in Hadley, and the Maple has maple syrup from Hollis Hills Farm in Fitchburg and crumbled bacon. We source locally whenever we can for our specialty pizzas, and we can also do special requests, and a garden salad.


Q. Do people like watching the pizzas cook along with eating them?

A. Definitely. There’s something primal about a fire. Whenever we do a party, everyone loves to stand around the oven and feel the warmth from it. They can’t believe the pizza cooks in just two minutes, and of course it smells and tastes so good. We get a lot of compliments, and even if we’ve heard them before, it never gets old.

Q. Do you still like pizza, or have you overdosed on it?

A. We do! At the end of the event, we always make one to bring home for ourselves. For research, of course.

For more information, call 978-877-1211 or visit www.vestamobilepizza.com.

Cindy Cantrell may be contacted at cindycantrell20@ gmail.com.