Buffy Boots brings splashes of color for rainy days

Renee Magasanik and Michael Schnur launched Buffy Boots in January.
Lane Turner/Globe Staff
Renee Magasanik and Michael Schnur launched Buffy Boots in January.

In January, Michael Schnur of Framingham and Renee “Buffy” Magasanik of Stow launched their online company Buffy Boots with a Design Collection of limited-edition, patterned women’s rain boots, the Buff(y) Collection of solid colors, and apparel pieces. The lightweight, waterproof rain boots feature durable rubber uppers and outsoles, cotton lining, and removable foam insoles. The introductory price is $39.99 with free shipping.

Q. Why did you want to create a company around women’s rain boots?

MAGASANIK: I love all kinds of boots and the way they look, so I wear them every day. I also travel a lot to festivals and concerts, and I’m intrigued with all the people running around wearing funky rain boots. With my banking and customer service experience, and Mike’s graphic design and marketing background, it seemed like a good fit for us to collaborate.

Q. How did you settle on the designs?

SCHNUR: We put together probably 20 designs, and then we did an online survey to determine the top six. Those are the ones we went with.

Q. What distinguishes your rain boots from competitors?


SCHNUR: What sets us apart is our fun colors and patterns, low pricing, true-to-size fit, and double-thick insoles that are so cushy, you can wear the boots all day. There’s a leather strap so you can pull them on easily, and an adjustable buckle to fit different calf sizes. When you open the box, the boots come in a string knapsack, which is a little extra gift from us.

Q. What makes your company special?

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SCHNUR: We give a portion of our sales to the Buffy Fund, our 501(c)(3) charitable foundation. We want to set an example for our kids and other companies to give back to the community and make a difference.

Q. What are your marketing challenges and opportunities?

SCHNUR: The Internet has totally changed the way people launch a business. You try to find influencers who like your product on social media and then hope it takes off. We’ve been really happy with the results so far, so hopefully we’re going to keep growing and expanding our product lines.

MAGASANIK: Our best brand evangelists are actually our teenager daughters. We each have two who go out wearing our boots, and then other girls ask, ‘Where did you get those? They’re so cool.’ For your teenage daughter to wear something that her mom or dad created is amazing.

For more information, visit buffyboots.com.

Cindy Cantrell can be reached at cindycantrell20@gmail.com.