Arlington fire crews will inspect town fire hydrants

The Arlington Fire Department will be inspecting fire hydrants in town through October. Fire crews will be out Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. until each of the 1,400 hydrants is inspected. The inspection involves removing all caps and lubricating the threads, as well as opening, flowing, and draining water to ensure that each hydrant is operating properly. This procedure helps prevent hydrants from freezing during the winter months. The last step in each inspection is to check the hydrant markers, which make it easier for firefighters to find and shovel them out after snowstorms. During these inspections, residents may temporarily experience low water pressure or discolored water. If this happens, residents should run faucets until the water is clear, and should not run hot water or do laundry until it returns to normal. For more information, contact the DPW Water Division at 781-316-3301.


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