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    Foundation launches new family philanthropy program

    The Foundation for MetroWest, which runs a large youth philanthropy education program, now allows families to pool their money, investigate where community needs are, then decide where to distribute the funds. Under the foundation’s new Family Giving Circle program, 10 parent/child teams each donate $500 and grant their collective contributions to a local nonprofit at the end of the semester-long program, which will begin in January 2018. “By expanding our efforts to families, we can encourage meaningful conversations around the dinner table about philanthropy,” said Judith G. Salerno, the foundation’s executive director. “Too often, these conversations don’t happen because parents are unsure how to talk to their kids about giving. We want to make those conversations easier for families.” For more information or to register for the program, go to www.foundationformetrowest.org/Home.aspx.


    Jennifer Fenn Lefferts can be reached at jflefferts@yahoo.com.