Framingham State receives $30k grant to fund after-school programs

Framingham State University’s Christa Corrigan McAuliffe Center has received a $30,000 grant from the Center for the Advancement of Science in Space to fund after-school programs that will serve low-income and disadvantaged students. The new sponsorship agreement will allow the center to offer such students after-school visits to both the Challenger Learning Center and the university’s planetarium. The Challenger Learning Center currently hosts thousands of students from around the region each year for hands-on activities involving STEM — or science, technology, engineering, and math — subjects. But because there is a cost to operate these programs, many low-income school districts serving financially disadvantaged students are not able to pay fees associated with attending. The McAuliffe Center was created in 1994 to honor the legacy of the first teacher in space, Christa McAuliffe, the Framingham State alumna who died in the 1986 space shuttle Challenger disaster.


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