Maynard reduces energy consumption by 22 percent

By Jennifer Fenn Lefferts Globe Correspondent 

Maynard has decreased its overall energy consumption by 22 percent over the past several years, a goal set as part of its state designation as a Green Community, said Town Administrator Kevin Sweet. The town became a Green Community in December 2011. The Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources Green Communities Division provides technical assistance and financial support for municipal initiatives to improve energy efficiency and increase the use of renewable energy in public buildings, facilities, and schools. With state funding, Maynard has implemented projects to reduce its energy costs and improve the local environment, including lighting and heating upgrades, weatherization of town buildings and schools, and installation of four charging stations for electric vehicles. Under the Green Communities Act, cities and towns must meet five criteria to be designated a Green Community and receive funding, including reducing municipal energy consumption by 20 percent over five years.

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