Breaking Matzo shares holiday tips online

Joseph P. Murphy

Brookline resident Andy Goldfarb is the founder of Breaking Matzo.

By Cindy Cantrell Globe Correspondent 

As a venture capitalist, Andy Goldfarb invests in others so their business dreams may come true. Through his free online resource, Breaking Matzo, the Brookline resident shares recipes, do-it-yourself projects, and philosophy to inspire families to enjoy more “magical, meaningful, and memorable” holidays.

Although the website was designed for the Jewish community, it has an active social media following among users of various religious affiliations worldwide. Since launching in April 2015, Breaking Matzo has reached nearly 1 million unique users with more than 3 million likes, comments, shares, and clicks on the website and Facebook page.

Q. What is the story behind Breaking Matzo?


A. I love Passover. It’s an incredible holiday, and I was always surprised when I’d hear someone say that their celebration is so boring. I was mailing our family’s annual Haggadah [Passover ritual book] across the country and putting my recipes into a cookbook, until I realized I should put everything on Facebook and YouTube and create a website. I did it initially for Passover, but the response was so great that I kept going.

Q. What is your advice for first-time or overwhelmed hosts?

A. Nothing is carved in stone. I always start with fun food that creates conversation and excitement, and then add some nostalgic recipes. Kids can get involved by making placemats, and now the table looks completely different this year. I want people to prepare for holidays with enthusiasm, participate with meaning and connection, and then reflect on the day with fondness.

Q. Where do you get your blog ideas?

A. I’m not a rabbi, but I study the Torah and write from the heart. I also offer a lot of discussion questions. For example, Hanukkah is a holiday of rededication. What are you going to rededicate yourself to this year? The goal is to stimulate the mind, touch the heart, and uplift the soul. The power of positivity is a persuasive and potent message that wants to get out there.

Q. Why do you offer the website for free, with no advertising?

A. This is a passion project that I fund myself with the only agenda being to create happiness. If someone has never celebrated Passover before, or if they’re looking to do something different, they can come to my site and find new ideas. It’s free, it’s fun, and it’s positive. What could be better?

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