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    Discovery Museum renews partnership with MathWorks

    Discovery Museum in Acton has renewed its partnership with Natick-based MathWorks to bring its Traveling Science Workshops hands-on STEM program to pre-K through grade 8 classrooms throughout New England in the 2017-2018 school year. Now in its 25th year, the program has been updated and expanded to support changes to state science curriculum standards. The program is expected serve more than 31,000 students in over 1,500 classrooms this school year. A two-year effort to realign the program to state guidelines has resulted in a number of new grade-based workshop offerings including Force & Magnetism, Force & Motion, Sound for Preschool, and Weather & Climate. “The scientific method comes quite naturally to kids — it’s how they play,” said Neil Gordon, Discovery Museum CEO. “The continued and generous support from MathWorks means we’ve been able to bring hands-on science to kids in their classrooms, helping them to experience doing science rather than just hearing or reading about it. That can make all the difference in building confidence—and interest—around STEM.” For more information about the Traveling Science Workshops program, visit www.discoveryacton.org/traveling-science-workshops.


    Jennifer Fenn Lefferts can be reached at jflefferts@yahoo.com