Special town meeting looks at sewers, drinking water

Plainville will hold a Special Town Meeting on Monday, Feb. 12, at 7 p.m. in the Beatrice H. Wood Elementary School auditorium. The warrant includes a number of articles requested by the Department of Public Works related to the town’s sewer system, including a requested appropriation of $174,000 to fund a sewer system analysis and control program for the Kelley Boulevard sewer subsystem, and $185,000 to reduce inflow and infiltration within the Moran Street sewer system with sewer pipe lining and manhole repairs, among other fixes. The DPW is also seeking $150,000 toward cleaning a town water tank and an examining drinking water treatment options. Other warrant articles include a $40,000 request for repairs to the public library roof; $19,800 to allow the fire department to purchase a new hovercraft; and permission for the Board of Selectmen to petition for special legislation to increase the number of available liquor licenses in town. To review the full warrant, visit the town’s website at www.plainville.ma.us.


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