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Governor Gina Raimondo doesn’t always travel to Sun Valley, Idaho, but when she does, it’s to mingle with the world’s elite at the investment bank Allen & Company’s exclusive annual media conference.


The governor is scheduled to attend the invite-only convention from Tuesday until Friday, where her aides say she’ll be pursuing economic development opportunities.

So who attends these meetings and how did Raimondo get invited?

Variety reported in May this year’s guest list includes Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Apple’s Tim Cook, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Disney’s Bob Iger. Among the deals that have been formed at the conference were Bezos’ purchase of The Washington Post and the disastrous Time Warner/AOL merger.

The biggest gossip this year appears to be that the heads of CBS and Viacom won’t be attending the event as the two companies continue their merger discussions. But who knows? Maybe a Mickey Mouse statue will replace the Independent Man by next week.

It’s not exactly clear how Raimondo’s presence was requested, but it’s worth noting Allen & Company executives have donated at least $10,000 to her political campaign in recent years and they sent at least $20,000 to the state Democratic Party last year. Raimondo also chairs the Democratic Governors Association.

Don’t expect to learn too much about the conversations Raimondo had when she returns to Rhode Island. While there are occasionally leaks, Mark Dee from the Idaho Mountain Express reports its agenda “is as secretive as the business that puts it on.”



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• The Central Falls Detention Facility Corporation will hold its first meeting since a group of activists were arrested during a protest outside the Wyatt last week.

• PSA: The Providence City Council is NOT meeting today, despite scheduling a meeting. The council will meet tomorrow to give final passage to the $770 million budget for the fiscal year that started July 1.

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