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Latest Headlines in Social Justice

Witness says pizza shop employee delivered the first blow in Mass. and Cass fight where her client was stabbed

The news reports sounded alarms — pizza shop employee attacked at Mass. and Cass. But like much of anything related to the area where the homeless are known to congregate, the issue is far more complicated.

Center plans to give W. E. B. Du Bois and other Black Berkshirites the credit they’re due

While honoring the late activist's impact, the W. E. B. Du Bois Center for Freedom and Democracy will also amplify the rich Black history within Berkshire County.

For those at Mass. and Cass, a new order to stay away

Prosecutors are using court orders to try to disrupt the cycle of drug use and drug dealing.

Jeneé Osterheldt | Commentary

Brutality and then some. We just don’t learn or tire of violence.

From the mass shooting in Highland Park, Ill., to the video of Jayland Walker's killing to white supremacists marching in Boston, our country celebrated its birthday in the most American of traditions: violence.

Jeneé Osterheldt

The Declaration of American Individualism

What is Fourth of July when self-obsession is part of why we keep falling so far from freedom?

Black and Latino households got more mortgages than ever in 2020 — but continued to buy houses in only a small number of Mass. communities

More Black and Latino households are buying their first homes in Massachusetts than ever before, though overall they continued to choose only a handful of towns.

Turmoil at Boston’s Museum of African American History over leadership change

A month after Leon Wilson’s departure, few seem to know the full story and even fewer are willing to talk about it publicly.

Activists have been warning of an abortion rights reversal for years. Now, they’re preparing for a new battle.

The most momentous setback to women’s rights in decades came in the wake of this era’s biggest surge in women’s activism — an irony lost on no one.