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Black joy, Black lives, as celebrated by culture columnist Jeneé Osterheldt

We are more than police brutality and suffering. We can acknowledge injustice without being defined that way. Blackness is not a burden. Here, we tell our stories and our struggles, too, through the lens of love. We amplify the truths of Black folk and other people of color living as their fullest selves in a region, in a country, set up to keep them from doing just that. Their joy is a form of resistance. Join us on Instagram @abeautifulresistance .
'A Beautiful Resistance' is nominated for a Boston/New England Regional Emmy® Award
The Globe's series on Black joy and Black lives, celebrated by culture columnist Jeneé Osterheldt, is nominated for a Boston/New England Regional Emmy® Award. (Video by Caitlin Healy/Globe Staff, Concept & curation by Jeneé Osterheldt/Globe Staff)
Wellness is a beautiful resistance
Racism is a public health crisis. Black folk being well is part of an anti-racist future. Meet Taylor Rae Almonte, an actor, activist, and Reebok athlete. (Concept & curation by Jeneé Osterheldt/Globe Staff, Video by Caitlin Healy/Globe Staff, Additional video by Sebastian Jimenez/Special to the Globe, Photo by Steven Eloiseau/Special to the Globe)

A beautiful resistance - Season 1

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↗ Jeneé Osterheldt

Jeneé Osterheldt is a culture columnist who covers identity and social justice through the lens of culture and the arts. She centers Black lives and the lives of people of color. Sometimes this means writing about Beyoncé and Black womanhood or unpacking the importance of public art and representation. Sometimes this means taking systemic racism, sexism, and oppression to task. It always means Black lives matter. She joined the Globe in 2018. A native of Alexandria, Va. and a graduate of Norfolk State University, Osterheldt was a 2017 Nieman Fellow at Harvard, where her studies focused on the intersection of art and justice. She previously worked as a Kansas City Star culture columnist.See more of Jeneé's work here.

↘ Paula Champagne

Paula Champagne, who created the logo and Jeneé’s portrait, is a visual storyteller specializing in video, documentary photography, illustration, and graphic design. Champagne’s multimedia work communicates authentic human experiences. Inspired by her own experiences in the outdoors— her most recent passion projects explore and honor the intersection of Blackness, nature, and the quiet resistance of rest. paulachampagne.com

↘ Dart Adams

Dart Adams is a hip-hop historian, author, and Boston griot representing the South End and Lower Roxbury. His book, "Best Damn Hip Hop Writing: The Book of Dart," came out last year.

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Commentary, concept & curation: Jeneé Osterheldt


Videos produced: Caitlin Healy & Jeneé Osterheldt


Video shot & edited: Caitlin Healy


Project art: Paula Champagne


Playlists curated: Dart Adams


Featuring: Dart Adams, Che Anderson, Mercy Bell, London Escada, Krista Scruggs, & OJ Slaughter


Project editor: Jason Tuohey


Audience editor: Heather Ciras


Social producer: Jeneé Osterheldt


Photographers: Jonathan Wiggs, Craig F. Walker, Suzanne Kreiter, Pat Greenhouse, Jeneé Osterheldt


Digital design: Ryan Huddle


Animations: Brendan Lynch


Emotional labor: Christopher Hunt & Amy Pedulla. Thank you, Caitlin & Jeneé


A Beautiful Resistance playlist

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A beautiful resistance - Black history month

Running toward self love is a beautiful resistance
Elizabeth Rock doesn’t run for herself, she runs for women and her pace is always set to sisterhood. (Concept & curation by Jeneé Osterheldt/Globe Staff, Video by Caitlin Healy/Globe Staff, Additional video by Shelby Lum/Globe Staff, Photo by OJ Slaughter/Special to the Globe)