The mayoral preliminary election

Mayor Menino's decision not to run for reelection triggered the first wide-open mayoral race in three decades. Twelve candidates threw their hats into the ring, and only two made it through to the mayoral final.

The race for mayor

Martin Walsh, John Connolly surge into mayoral final

Results of the preliminary election for mayor


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The race for mayor | Analysis

// Next, Walsh and Connolly must broaden their bases

Martin Walsh and John Connolly turn now to a mayoral general election that will force them to wrestle over Boston’s geographic middle.

// In loss, city’s diverse candidates made a mark

While mayoral candidates of color fell short, their solid showing in the campaign is seen as another indicator of the changing Boston.

// Much work remains for Martin Walsh, John Connolly

The finalists cleaned up in the city’s traditionally high-voting, heavily white wards, but have work to do elsewhere.

Connolly, Walsh seek backers among former rivals

The two mayoral candidates who survived Boston’s fractious 12-way preliminary election moved quickly Wednesday to solidify support, lobbying their former rivals for help and reaching out to other powerful constituencies in the city.

From Labor to Politics

// Path carries Martin Walsh closer to his dream

Walsh’s triumph in the mayoral preliminary election is another chapter in the story of a man who rose to prominence from the streets of Dorchester.

Political upbringing

// First to get into race, John Connolly stresses education

The three-term city councilor now finds himself one step closer to becoming mayor of the city where he has lived almost all his life.


Connolly, Walsh should preserve the spirit of preliminary election

After a campaign of new ideas came a pair of victories by traditional means. City Councilor John Connolly and State Rep. Martin Walsh rose above their many talented rivals by dint of organization. They proved that even in a changing city, time-honored methods of organizing — around neighborhoods, labor unions, and endorsements — still deliver votes. They also showed that voters still respond to candidates with proven track records in office and familiar names.

Martin Walsh, left, and John Connolly shook hands following a forum in June.


Face of change looks familiar

A younger generation prevailed in Tuesday’s preliminary election, but it will be up to Martin Walsh and John Connolly to prove they stand for something new and different.


Voters will expect a contest of ideas

The mayoral election won’t be an old-fashioned Boston neighborhood race but instead will be a campaign of ideas, causes, and constituencies spread across the city.


Losers could still be winners for Boston

Some of the candidates who didn’t win in the preliminary election would make good Cabinet members for the new mayor.


Interactive graphic

// Mayoral campaign donations, block by block

Many campaigns have pockets of support throughout the city. See how the donations break down.


// Where the money flows: Mayoral campaign donations

See the donations to each candidate by Boston ZIP code and neighborhood.

Interactive graphic

// Candidates on the issues

Get to know where John Connolly and Martin Walsh stand on the issues.

Interactive graphic

// Geographic advantages in the mayoral race

Boston’s electorate will be splintered like never before as 12 candidates compete in the first open mayor’s race in 20 years.


Meet the candidates



Campaign coverage

Other issues

Mayoral candidates John R. Connolly and Martin J. Walsh spoke at a debate hosted by the Urban League of Massachusetts in Roxbury. They have discussed race, a topic that had been considered too controversial for some time.

Mayoral hopefuls confront racism in Boston

John Connolly and Martin Walsh have been open about discussing race, a topic that had been considered too controversial for some time.

John R. Connolly attended a basketball program event in Roxbury, and Martin J. Walsh dropped in at a Roxbury cafe.

Mayoral candidates battle for the undecideds

John Connolly and Martin Walsh skirted victory parade traffic to make their closing pitches in a flurry of retail campaign stops.

Mayor Menino's legacy

Globe File

Special section

After he announced he will not run again, a look back at the five-term tenure of Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino.