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Watch videos from Boston Globe reporters and editors about the latest developments in the trial of James “Whitey” Bulger.

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// The Whitey Bulger trial

Globe coverage of the notorious Boston gangster, who after being captured following years on the run is facing a sweeping indictment that includes 19 murder charges.

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Key people involved in the case, the charges faced by Bulger, locations related to his alleged crimes, and a layout of the courtroom.

Must-reads on Bulger

2011 | Special report Whitey Bulger's life in exile

How a tip from a former actress and Miss Iceland 1974 helped bring an end to one of the longest and most expansive manhunts in FBI history.

1998 | Special Report Whitey & The FBI

A five-part series by the Globe Spotlight team delves into James "Whitey" Bulger's time as an FBI informant.

1995 | Special report The story behind Whitey's fall

The case against against Bulger marked a sea change in local law enforcement, an unprecedented coalition that tried to overcome the ill will that arose from Bulger’s role as an informant.

1988 | Special report The Bulger Mystique

A four-part series examines the early life of and rise to power of the Bulger brothers - William Bulger in Massachusetts politics and James Bulger in the criminal underworld.