State drug lab scandal

Globe coverage of the scandal involving the mishandling of evidence at the state's drug lab, and the potential effects on convicted drug offenders.

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// Pattern of neglect at state drug lab found

The state inspector general found major management problems at the former state drug lab where disgraced chemist Annie Dookhan worked.

ACLU demands dismissal of all Dookhan-related cases

The American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts called on a justice with the state’s highest court on Thursday to effectively vacate all of the 40,000-plus criminal cases tied to Annie Dookhan, the disgraced former drug analyst, saying the state has failed to coordinate a proper response to the worst scandal to hit the criminal justice system in recent times.

// Annie Dookhan pleads guilty in drug lab scandal

The former state chemist, whose mishandling of evidence threw the state’s justice system into turmoil, will serve three to five years in prison.

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Covering the state drug lab scandal

Scott Allen talks about the Globe investigation into one of the biggest law enforcement scandals in Massachusetts history.

E-mails portray state drug lab in chaos

Internal e-mails from chemists and supervisors at a troubled state drug laboratory ­describe a staff drowning in work, instances of misplaced evidence in crime cases, and mounting frustrations over the Patrick administration’s seeming indifference.

Drug defendants freed in lab scandal

Suffolk County judges have freed at least 11 defendants facing drug charges, almost all with lengthy criminal records, since early September, in the first wave of potentially thousands of cases.

Governor Patrick defended his handling of the matter, blaming a “rogue chemist.”

Drug lab crisis may follow Governor Patrick

The state drug-testing crisis could taint the national image of Governor Patrick, which was elevated at the Democratic National Convention.

About the drug lab scandal

Former state chemist Annie Dookhan is accused with mishandling and manipulating drug evidence that may have helped convict hundreds of people from 2003 through 2012. The state now faces the task of reviewing each case - and conviction - that may have been tainted as a result of the drug lab scandal.

Fallout from the scandal

Dr. John Auerbach has resigned as state public health commissioner.

Mass. public health chief quits in lab scandal

Commissioner John Auerbach said that he bears responsibility for a lack of oversight that led to mishandling of drug evidence, possibly jeopardizing thousands of criminal cases.

State drug lab inquiry

The William A. Hinton State Laboratory Institute houses the Massachusetts state drug lab in Jamaica Plain.

Drug lab investigation getting new leader

Inspector General Glenn Cunha will now take over the sweeping inquiry into the lab, while Attorney General Martha Coakley will focus on the criminal investigation.

Opinion on the scandal

lawrence harmon

Black mark on the state drug lab

Disturbing details are starting to emerge about the alleged mishandling of drug samples at the state testing laboratory in Jamaica Plain.