Letters to Globe Santa

Some samples of the hundreds of letters sent by parents and other family members seeking Globe Santa’s help.

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Postal Service, Globe drivers delight in delivering presents

The delivery of more than 20,000 packages is a challenging task that takes organization to another level.


Globe Santa’s sleigh spreads joy and a message

The sleigh attracted the attention of dozens of children and their parents on Saturday, most of them on their way to the Holiday Pops concert.

Globe Santa

Kids ‘are too little’ for Christmas without gifts, mom says

“Part of the struggle,” she wrote, “is not letting your children know how bad you’re really doing.”

Globe Santa

After baby’s health scare, mom needs help to bring joy to her sons

“With everything my sweet little warriors have been through, I would really love for them to have a nice Christmas,” she wrote.

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Mother hopes daughter has a happy Christmas

A mother is anxious because she “can’t afford to buy even a $10 doll or book” for her 7-year-old daughter.

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Globe Santa delivers holiday gifts to local children in need.