Boston's bid for 2024 Summer Games

The USOC chose Boston to be its entry in a global competition to host the Olympics, but it was not to be.

USOC, Boston organizers halt bid to host Olympics

Mayor Martin J. Walsh said the US Olympic Committee was long aware that he had misgivings about the cost overruns guarantee.

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The tumultuous effort was racked by acrimonious debate, public relations blunders, and limited public support.


// A look back on Boston’s Olympic bid

Key dates and events in the city’s pursuit of the 2024 Summer Games.

Mayor Martin Walsh’s hastily called news conference seemed designed to preempt a decision from US Olympic officials to dump the city.

Shirley Leung

New Boston a lot like Old Boston

Given the chance to think big about our future, we tied ourselves up in the minutiae of tax breaks and traffic studies.

Joan Vennochi

// No Boston Olympics activists are heroes

Doubt and skepticism are not dirty words. They are legitimate tools.

John Powers | On Olympics

// With Boston out, USOC’s only choice is Los Angeles

But Los Angeles may be reluctant to jump in with deadlines fast approaching.

// With Boston Olympics bid over, what are they saying in LA?

Los Angeles, which finished second in the bidding behind Boston, has been rumored as a fallback option for the US Olympic Committee.


// Loss of Olympic bid a victory for Boston

The notion was a circus from the start, a circus which now has mercifully left town.

Opposition to Boston’s Olympics bid was strong, and was evident at the first public forum on the issue in February.

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Mistakes, missed opportunities sank Boston’s Olympic bid

The effort was mortally wounded by controversy, public opposition, and Boston 2024’s inability to find a sales pitch.

//[1]-4549--90x90.jpg Could Olympic effort make lasting impact on landscape?

Other recent, would-be hosts continue to feel the effects of failed or scuttled bids — for good and bad.

End of Olympic effort gets mixed reaction from residents

People in Boston had a range of responses to the news that the city won’t host the Olympics.

// For Boston 2024, many conflicting groups to appease

The political problems that Boston 2024 faced were rooted in the difficulty of satisfying an array of constituencies.

// With Boston out of 2024 Olympics race, an opening for Toronto?

Canada’s largest city just hosted the Pan American Games that concluded Sunday, leaving it with several Olympic-grade venues already in place.

No Boston Olympics group to celebrate pulled bid

The Olympics opposition group plans to celebrate those who have invested “so much in this effort” to fight the Boston bid.

USOC, Boston 2024 statement on Boston’s Olympic bid

The US Olympic Committee and Boston 2024 issued a joint statement after Boston’s bid was pulled.

What might have been in Boston


A look at proposed Olympic sites

The plan for the 2024 Summer Games called for building two new neighborhoods at Widett Circle and Columbia Point.