Roxbury Community College documents

The following documents are part of a Globe investigation into Roxbury Community College that shows the administration of former president Terrence Gomes made many decisions that put students' basic needs at risk.

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State ethics commission letter

This document is a letter from the State Ethics Commission, which cleared a Roxbury Community College vice president of wrongdoing in the college's hiring of her husband, relying on her testimony as evidence. The vice president testified that she did not supervise her husband; she told the Globe she never discussed his RCC work with him, either. However, the Globe has obtained a detailed email between the two that strongly suggests she was acting as his supervisor.


Vote of no-confidence

This is the vote of no-confidence that faculty members gave Patrick Jean-Louis, who oversees information technology at Roxbury Community College, in 2009. He was originally hired over the objections of the college's human resources director, who said he was unable to confirm many of Jean-Louis' credentials.


Compliance committee meeting notes

These notes are from a college committee formed to address compliance issues, particularly those related to a 2006 federal financial aid audit. The document, dated 2009, shows the college had not at that point fully addressed problems with its advising system that had contributed to the audit. However, in 2007, the college officially told the federal government it had made changes and was sure the problems would not arise again.



Dept. of Ed. places RCC on probation

This document shows that Roxbury Community College is on "provisional participation" status with the Department of Education until 2013. That means the department can unilaterally revoke federal financial aid if it finds evidence of serious infractions at the school.


Auditor report

This document is part of a state audit conducted from 2010 to 2011. It shows that the college's academic advising software was causing it to distribute federal financial aid to students who did not qualify. Incorrect distribution of aid landed the college in hot water with the federal government in 2006, resulting in stiff financial penalties. The relevant passages have been highlighted by the Globe for emphasis.


E-mail raises supervisory questions

This e-mail was sent by Jeremy Solomons, who was hired by RCC to work on a project related to the school’s 2006 financial aid audit. Solomons is married to Alane Shanks, who was at the time RCC’s vice president of administration and finance. Shanks told the Globe that when the State Ethics Commission questioned Solomons’ hiring in 2008, she advised the commission that she “did not work with or supervise” Solomons’ project, “nor did he and I discuss it.” The commission cleared her on the basis of her testimony. But this e-mail reveals that Shanks and Solomons did discuss the project, and strongly suggests that she was acting as his supervisor.