Roxbury Community College documents

The following documents are part of a Globe investigation into Roxbury Community College that suggests failures to comply with federal crime reporting requirements. Part 1: Review shows RCC put students' needs at risk | Part 2: Alleged assault, official silence

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Witness statement

This document shows that several papers from personnel files may have gone missing at Roxbury Community College last year. Two of the three personnel files belonged to college employees who are now subjects of a federal Department of Education investigation into whether the college failed to report allegations of sex crimes. The Globe has redacted the names of the accused employees and the witnesses who produced the statement because they are part of an ongoing investigation and some of them asked for anonymity.


Handbook on reporting sexual assaults

This is an excerpt from the Clery Act handbook the federal government gives to colleges. It shows that only law enforcement officials -- not school authorities -- should be responsible for determining whether an alleged crime has actually taken place. Unless law enforcement officials determine that an allegation is "false or baseless," schools are required to include the allegation in their annual tally of crime statistics reported to the federal Department of Education. The Globe has highlighted the relevant passage for clarity.

In 2010, Roxbury Community College failed to include a student's allegation of sexual assault in its tally. The allegation was not investigated by police. Two RCC administrators told the Globe they did not believe the student's allegation.


Student reports assault

This is the second page of a lengthy complaint by a Roxbury Community College student accusing a college administrator of sexually assaulting her. Her allegation was never included in crime statistics reported by the school to the federal government, although an internal investigation at the school concluded that it should have been reported.


Internal audit

This is a page from a long internal audit recently commissioned by Roxbury Community College. The Globe has added notes to the document to explain the relevant passages.