Red Sox essays: Putting the celebration into words

The Globe asked notable figures from the region how they felt about the Red Sox championship.

Opinion | Dennis Lehane

// Surrounded by Red Sox Nation in Santa Monica

Living in California, author Dennis Lehane’s faith in the Red Sox was not only forged by his distance from the city, his identity was, too.

Opinion | Samantha Power

// Red Sox took on determination of Boston

The Marathon bombings produced a result rare in modern sports — it tied professional athletes in a deep way to the town they represented.

Opinion | Stephen King

// Every little thing turned out all right

A little reggae tune sung by the late Bob Marley may well outlast the tenure of Shane Victorino, batting hero of the World Series-clinching Game 6.

Opinion | Bill Littlefield

// Good riddance to doom-and-gloom days of Red Sox

It was instructive to see the Red Sox prevail in the World Series after the misadventure that ended Game 3.

Opinion | Ken Burns

// Red Sox became a symbol of transcendence

The Red Sox were a scruffy lot, not the “idiots” of 2004, but worse, a lesser team as even David Ortiz admitted, but better in every way.

Opinion | Robert Pinsky

// Our F*****g City

Former US poet laureate Robert Pinsky offers his take on the Red Sox victory, where Boston “[took] Fate by the throat.”

Opinion | Liz Walker

// Something wonderfully righteous about Red Sox victory

The experience affirms to all of us that hope is necessary, struggle must be collective, and a night of weeping can turn into a morning of joy.

Opinion | Leigh Montville

// Spreading the cheer of Red Sox Nation

A chance encounter with a Norwegian couple stuck with sportswriter Leigh Montville for the entire Red Sox march to glory.

Opinion | Gish Jen

// These Red Sox are indisputedly, irrevocably us

This World Series was about redemption, resurrection, and resilience on so many levels it was hard to take them all in.