Documents on the missing boaters

In 1976, four people went missing in a boat off the coast of Marshfield. While the boat turned up, the fate of the four boaters remained a mystery. Here are documents related to the search for the missing boaters, and the efforts of family members over the years to find the truth.

Click on one of the following links to read a document: Letter to the Globe | Coast Guard search | Letter to Kennedy from family | Letter from Coast Guard | Letter to 'Unsolved Mysteries'


Letter to the Globe accompanying remains

"This is not a Halloween prank," read the October 29, 2012, letter that came with the package containing skeletal remains from two human beings.


Coast Guard reports from search for missing boaters

Dispatches from May 30 to June 2, 1967, of Coast Guard's search for Daniel and Elaine Kwiatkowski, Jana Coonan, and Daniel Poirer.


Family letter to Senator Edward Kennedy

Paul and Marjorie Coonan wrote to the former Massachusetts senator, asking for forensic testing to be done on some of the evidence in the disappearance.


Coast Guard letter to Senator Edward Kennedy

The letter, in response to Kennedy's query on behalf of the Coonans, outlines why the Coast Guard believes no foul play was involved in what they deemed an accident at sea.


Letter to 'Unsolved Mysteries'

A letter from Patricia Habib, niece of Daniel and Elaine Kwiatkowski, to the TV show outlined the timeline of the four boaters' disappearance, as well as the family's assumptions about the incident.