FROZEN OVER: Boston's record winter

Scituate Ma 01/28/2015 Oceanside Drive in Scituate after storm. Storm coverage. Globe Staff/Photographer Jonathan Wiggs Topic: Reporter

Jonathan Wiggs/Globe Staff

JANUARY 28: Neighborhoods like this one in Scituate began to look like winter war zones rather than winter wonderlands.

Plum Island, Massachusetts -- 1/27/2015-- Noah Bicchieri, 29, leans against the wall as he walks between his house and his neighbor's house with his dog, Caruso, in Plum Island, Massachusetts January 27, 2015. Jessica Rinaldi/Globe Staff Topic: 28blizzardmainpic Reporter:

Jessica Rinaldi/Globe Staff

JANUARY 27: A task as simple as walking the dog became a herculean feat.

01-27-2015: Rockport, MA: Cathleen Cahill makes her way through deep and drifting snow while walking her dog Chikita in downtown Rockport, Mass. January 27, 2015. Photo/John Blanding, Boston Globe staff story/, Met ( )

John Blanding/Globe Staff

JANUARY 27: The relentless snow was too much for businesses to keep up with, making sidewalks impassable, like this one in Rockport.

Boston, MA., 01/27/14,The Blizzard of 2015. A lone pedestrian makes his way through Copley Square. Suzanne Kreiter/Globe staff

Suzanne Kreiter/Globe staff

JANUARY 27: Landmarks like Copley Square were unrecognizable.

Hull, MA-January 8, 2015-Globe Staff Photo by Stan Grossfeld-The Hingham to Boston ferry maneuvers through sea smoke and zero degree temperatures past Boston Light on an early morning trip.

Stan Grossfeld/Globe Staff

JANUARY 8: No commute was safe from the elements, as every mode of transportation — roads, rails, waterways — slowed to an agonizing crawl.

Boston, Massachusetts -- 2/19/2015-- Pedestrians are obscured by snow banks in downtown Boston, Massachusetts February 19, 2015. Jessica Rinaldi/Globe Staff Topic: Reporter:

Jessica Rinaldi/Globe Staff

FEBRUARY 19: But for the grown-ups, working and walking in the snow was physically and mentally draining.

STAND ALONE - WAKEFIELD - Feb 20 , 2015--Worried about what the upcoming weekend weather report, Karen Prowl (cq) of Wakefield uses ax to chip away at ice on roof of her 92 year old mother's home in Wakefield. (globe staff photo :Joanne Rathe section: metro no reporter: topic: stand alone )

Joanne Rathe/Globe Staff

FEBRUARY 20: Anxiety about roofs leaking became a new and unwelcome source of tension for many New Englanders.

Norwell-02/10/15-Finally the white surrender flag came out, as homeowner Elaine Melanson stuck it in the snow pile in front of her River Street home.

John Tlumacki/Globe Staff

FEBRUARY 10: Elaine Melanson flew a symbol outside her Norwell home that every New Englander could relate to.

Boston’s winter vaults to top of snowfall records

The start of a February meant more of the same for Boston, Newton (above), and the rest of the region.

Sunday’s storm brought 2.9 inches of snow to Boston, bringing the total to just over 9 feet.

In Anchorage (left) 4th Street was barren of snow, unlike Boylston Street in Boston on Valentine’s Day.

Alaskans wonder, ‘who stole our winter?’ We did.

With less than an inch of snow in Anchorage in February, the joke on the streets is the city swapped winters with Boston.

More on the record snowfall

Stan Grossfeld/Globe Staff

The Big Picture

Historic winter for Boston

A look at how photographers captured the striking ways that this massive amount of snow changed the landscape in the region for months.

To properly “make way” for spring, the ducklings in the Boston Public Garden need the snow cleared.

Who’s behind measuring Boston’s official snow total?

A mysterious volunteer is responsible for the last hand measurement used in recording Boston’s “official” weather report: the snowfall total at Logan Airport.

Reminders of a record winter are all around in Boston, including along Commonwealth Avenue.

A record winter? Not for everyone in Mass.

Some cities and towns around the state haven’t even cracked their top 10 snowiest winters of all time.

// Boston weather records that are still standing

Boston set one weather mark on Sunday, but others are still out there.

The lighter side

David L. Ryan/Globe Staff

Seven weeks and 100 inches later, car back on the road

When the first big snowstorm hit, Jillian Tenen had the flu so she did not shovel-out her car. It would be six weeks before she could get it out. This is the story of what happens when your car sits on the bottom of the largest snowfall in the city’s history.

George Li turned dirt-sprinkled ice mounds into a sculpture that read “B Strong.”

‘B Strong’ snow sculpture sums up city’s resilience

The frozen art at Boston Common appeared on a day when residents finally swapped their snow pants for shorts.

Damaged bikes and bike racks could be seen in Cambridge.

As snow recedes, battered remains of bikes appear

Much like some drivers did with their cars, cyclists this winter abandoned their bikes underneath mountains of snow.

Blizzard Neptune descended and Newbury Street disappeared.

For meteorologists, the more snow the better

After the record-setting winter of 2015, Boston-area weather watchers share their favorite snow memories.


A couple enjoyed a bench together along the Charles River.

After historic snow, Boston now dealing with piles of trash

Melting snow is revealing a filthy mess, testing the resolve of residents and officials weary from a season of storms.

// Mounting insurance claims are remnants of a savage winter

Following the historic season, claims for winter storm damage have totaled $2.3 billion in the first quarter of this year.

Winter cleanup cost state more than $150 million

The majority of that money was spent to hire equipment and personnel to battle the 31 storms that hit the state.

No complaints.

Scott LaPierre/Globe Staff/File

Boston closes thousands of snow complaints — after it melts

The city received 30,059 requests for snow removal this year, and 4,019 remained open until this week.

// Schools use novel way of making up snow days

A state policy allows districts to offer instructional projects and activities that students can complete outside the classroom.

Boston’s overtime bill for snow services tops $6 million

The snow-related overtime tab for municipal employees topped $6 million, according to data released Tuesday by the City of Boston.

A man walked his dog down East Fifth Street in South Boston after a storm in February.

John Tlumacki/Globe Staff

For some, unshoveled sidewalk fines piled up this winter

More tickets were issued to shoveling scofflaws this year than in at least any of the past nine years.