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7-day forecast for Boston, MA

todayJune 25
Sunny85 °/69 °
sunJune 26
Partly Sunny
Partly sunny86 °/69 °
monJune 27
Thunderstorms79 °/61 °
tuesJune 28
Partly Sunny
Partly sunny74 °/59 °
wedJune 29
Mostly Sunny
Mostly sunny78 °/62 °
thursJune 30
Partly Sunny
Partly sunny84 °/66 °
friJuly 1
Mostly Sunny
Mostly sunny86 °/67 °


HIGH 88° / LOW 66°

  • feels like91°F
  • humidity39%
  • precipitation0%
  • wind9 MPH N
  • visibility10 MI

Hourly Forecast

Mostly Sunny81°0%3PM
Mostly Sunny85°0%4PM
Mostly Sunny85°0%5PM

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Although we may never break 70 degrees this weekend, the sun is so strong it will feel quite comfortable.

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A super moon and planetary treat are in store, cooler temperatures until heat on Friday

The strawberry super moon will appear in the sky Tuesday, along with a planetary alignment. Temperatures on Wednesday and Thursday will be in the 70s, before hotter conditions Friday.

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Saturday looks like the pick of the weekend

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The overall summer outlook is for warmer-than-average temperatures.

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Expect temperatures in the upper 80s and low 90s on Memorial Day, and the chance of a meteor shower at night

Memorial Day will see lots of sunshine and hot temperatures, and a possible meteor shower at night may put on a show.