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Breitbart: A new force in the Trump era?

Already there have been indications that Stephen Bannon’s former organization might enjoy something akin to most-favored media status.

Flood fears renewed as another storm aims for California

The San Joaquin River was reaching flood stage, and residents of Manteca were told to be ready to leave.

Doctor-lawmaker tries to restrict smoking in tobacco country

The efforts of the Kentucky state senator have so far been thwarted by the cultural legacy of tobacco.

Robbery suspect killed after pointing weapon at police

Authorities say the man pointed a black firearm toward the officers, who fired at him.

John McCain says free press is essential to democracy

The veteran senator cautioned about efforts to muzzle the media, saying “that’s how dictators get started.”

Man in photos is suspect in Indiana girls’ deaths

The man was photographed walking along a northern Indiana trail system around the time two teenage girls were dropped off.

JFK: 50 Years Later

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A five-part series examining the profound impact of former President John F. Kennedy’s assassination.

Globe Investigations

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// Recent investigative reports

Read recent stories and ongoing investigations from the Globe’s journalists.

Gay marriage in the US

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// Timeline of gay marriage in US

In the early 1970s, there were zero states banning or allowing same-sex marriage. Now it’s legal nationwide, and all bans have been overturned.


// Boston Globe Instagram photos

A live stream of Instagram posts from The Boston Globe photo department.