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West Point bans cadet pillow fight after 30 injured

Cadet pillow fights like the bloody one that left 30 injured this summer will be banned and actions are being pursued against many of those involved, U.S. Military Academy officials said Wednesday.

Scientists tweak worms to give them the brains of another species, without changing their genomes

You might think that it would take genetic engineering - or some Frankenstein-style cutting and pasting - to give a worm the head and brain of another species. You’d be wrong.

Man convicted of killing wife; posted Facebook photo of body

A Florida man who killed his wife and posted a photo of the bloody corpse on Facebook was convicted Wednesday of second-degree murder after failing to convince a jury that he shot her eight times in self-defense.

Obama signs defense bill despite Guantanamo provisions

President Barack Obama on Wednesday signed a $607 billion defense policy bill despite his opposition to restrictions in the legislation that ban him from moving Guantanamo Bay detainees to the United States and making good on a long unfulfilled campaign promise.

At funeral for slain Minneapolis man, vow to keep protesting

A steady stream of mourners entered a north Minneapolis church on Wednesday to pay their respects to a man whose death in a confrontation with police sparked more than a week of protests. Meanwhile, charges were pending against three men suspected in a melee that left five protesters with gunshot wounds.

Live: Protests in Chicago after video release

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Gay marriage in the US

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