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Pilot in Colorado medical helicopter crash dies, 2 injured

The pilot of a medical helicopter that crashed in Colorado on Friday has died, but a flight paramedic and flight nurse aboard the crash are being treated at Denver-area hospitals and are expected to survive.

Big gains for doctors in diet clinics

A provision in the federal health care law that requires insurers to pay for nutrition and obesity screening has created a financial opportunity for diet clinics overseen by doctors

Free speech has a price — letting jerks have their say

Free speech can be irritating, but if somebody harbors views you find offensive, it’s better to know it.

Officers’ deaths revive concerns about dangers of deploying spike strips

When the police want to stop a high-speed chase, they often reach for their spike strips, which can be hurled into the road to flatten a fleeing suspect’s tires, ideally ending a dangerous pursuit in just moments. But at least 30 innocent people have been killed in the two decades since spike strips became popular.

America’s dilapidated roads cost drivers average of $515 in auto costs

The shoddy state of the nation’s roads cost average drivers $515 a year in extra operation and maintenance costs on their cars, according to the latest analysis from TRIP, a national transportation research group.

A year on, children caught on border struggle to stay, adapt

Many of the children who arrived from Central America a year ago still have cases churning through the immigration courts.

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Gay marriage in the US

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// Timeline of gay marriage in US

In the early 1970s, there were zero states banning or allowing same-sex marriage. Now it’s legal nationwide, and all bans have been overturned.


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