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Man who shot video of fatal Capitol shooting is arrested, remains focus of political storm

Federal authorities tracking down Capitol trespassers watched John Earle Sullivan's video, interviewed him and then obtained warrants Thursday charging him with causing a civil disorder, trespassing and disorderly conduct.

Armed demonstrators gather at Texas Capitol; states brace for right-wing violence

Armed demonstrators gathered at the Texas Capitol in Austin on Saturday morning as law enforcement officials prepared for a demonstration that was scheduled to begin at noon local time.

Before he stormed the Capitol, ex-W.Va. lawmaker harassed women at an abortion clinic

Derrick Evans walked with his phone out in front of him, camera facing forward, as he advanced on the patient in the abortion clinic parking lot. Surrounding the car, clinic volunteers tried to shield the patient with umbrellas and their own bodies. It was no use: On this February morning in 2019, Evans captured the patient on Facebook live, streaming to tens of thousands of followers.

The insurrectionist next door: A new source of suburban unease

The radicalization of Trump supporters from all walks of life became jarringly apparent this month when a phalanx of lawyers, nurses, police officers, real estate agents, and stay-at-home parents found common cause with conspiracy mongers and violent white supremacists.

Watch live: President-elect Biden announces members of White House science team

President-elect Joe Biden announces members of his Science Team.

NASA’s space launch system getting a hot-fire test

NASA has spent years and billions of dollars developing a giant rocket known as the Space Launch System, designed to take astronauts to moon and perhaps farther out into the solar system someday. But the first launch of the rocket — an uncrewed test flight that will go to the moon and beyond — will not get off the ground until at least November.

Capitol attack could fuel extremist recruitment for years, experts warn

The Capitol riots served as a propaganda coup for the far-right, and those who track hate groups say the attack is likely to join an extremist lexicon with Waco, Ruby Ridge, and the Bundy occupation of an Oregon wildlife preserve in fueling recruitment and violence for years to come.

How to (literally) drive the coronavirus away

A study published in early January in Science Advances suggests that opening certain windows can create air currents that could help keep both riders and drivers safe from infectious diseases like COVID-19.