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6 key passages from the federal indictment of former president Trump

A sweeping indictment of Donald Trump contains a stunning array of details related to the former president’s alleged mishandling of classified documents, including some related to US nuclear programs and potential vulnerability to attack.

Oregon, mecca of weed, to crack down on illegal pot growers by holding landowners responsible

Illegal growers offer huge amounts of cash to lease or buy land and then leave behind pollution, garbage, and a drained water table.

Trump indicted: What to know about the documents case and what’s next

Here’s a look at the charges, the special counsel’s investigation, and how Donald Trump’s case differs from those of other politicians known to be in possession of classified documents.

With debt debate finished, House GOP unveils new bills to cut taxes

House Republicans unveiled a sprawling set of proposals that aim to cut taxes for businesses and some families.

Texas to install floating barriers in Rio Grande to block migrants

The state is planning to start next month with a 1,000-foot span of barrier in the river near Eagle Pass that has been a busy crossing point.

Man who set Indiana Jones-like trap convicted after hurting FBI agent

At the front gate of the property, the FBI found a round hot tub rigged to roll down the hill and flatten anyone who approached. Upon entering, an agent set off another trap by nudging a wheelchair, which triggered a mousetrap that fired a shotgun pellet into his leg.

Donald Trump indicted in classified documents case in a historic first for a former president

The Justice Department was expected to make public a seven-count indictment ahead of a historic court appearance next week in the midst of a 2024 presidential campaign punctuated by criminal prosecutions in multiple states.

Biden decries rash of ‘cruel’ state laws targeting rights of LGBTQ+ individuals

President Biden forcefully pushed back Thursday against a rash of "cruel" state laws curtailing the rights of LGBTQ+ individuals, including transgender youths, saying the measures are being adopted by "prejudiced people" and pledging that his administration will stand up for those being targeted.