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Tanker crew member falls overboard, prompting frantic search, trip to shore for medical care

The crew of America pulled the man from the water Tuesday morning, and Boston Fire Department and Coast Guard personnel came aboard to assist as the boat headed to shore where an ambulance was waiting, officials said. The man's condition was not known.

JPMorgan settles Epstein suits with US Virgin Islands and ex-banker

The tentative settlement comes just weeks before a scheduled trial in federal court in New York City on the US territory’s claim that the bank enabled Epstein’s sex trafficking operation of teenage girls and young women for nearly 15 years.

Supreme Court declines to revisit Alabama voting map dispute

Alabama’s request to keep its map was the second time in under a year that it had asked the Supreme Court to affirm a limited role of race in establishing voting districts for federal elections in what amounted to a defiant repudiation of lower-court rulings.

Americans are down on Biden. Why does his party keep winning elections?

For nearly two years, poll after poll has found Americans in a sour mood about President Biden, uneasy about the economy, and eager for younger leaders of the country.

Trump lawyers assail gag order request in election case

Lawyers representing former president Donald Trump against federal charges accusing him of seeking to overturn the 2020 election offered an outraged response on Monday to the government’s request for a gag order, saying the attempt to “muzzle” him during his presidential campaign violated his free speech rights.

Can the second GOP debate amount to more than a race for second place?

The second Republican presidential debate without former president Donald Trump is missing the front-runner’s star power, but the performances of his rivals Wednesday are still expected to be deeply consequential — forecasting whether the 2024 field of Republicans will consolidate around a single Trump alternative.

Biden urges striking auto workers to ‘stick with it’ in picket line visit unparalleled in history

“You deserve the significant raise you need,” President Biden said through a bullhorn after arriving at a General Motors parts distribution warehouse located in a suburb west of Detroit.

JPMorgan settles claims that it enabled Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking acts for $75m

JPMorgan said that $55 million of the settlement will go toward local charities and assistance for victims. Another $20 million will go toward legal fees.