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A retired prosecutor’s quest for recognition

“I’m not going to be forgotten,” Wright said in an interview. “This country has ignored Black women — Black people — and we don’t find out about our history until years later.”

Oregon’s rural-urban divide sparks talk of secession

The sense of estrangement felt across rural Oregon has led conservatives to open a theoretical escape hatch, gathering thousands of signatures for a series of ballot measures that have now passed in 11 counties.

District responds to student’s Pledge of Allegiance lawsuit

A South Carolina school district said a ninth grader walking in a hallway was stopped during a moment of silence and not the Pledge of Allegiance, as the student had said in a lawsuit filed last month.

Election conspiracy movement grinds on as 2024 approaches

Deep distrust about U.S. elections persists among Republicans, skepticism fueled by former President Donald Trump's false claims and by allies who have been traveling the country meeting with community groups and holding forums.

Wyoming governor signs measure prohibiting abortion pills

Governor Mark Gordon has signed into law the nation’s first explicit ban on abortion pills since the US Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade last summer.

California military base locked down after vehicle runs gate

A California military base was put in lockdown Friday night after a vehicle went through the facility’s main gate without stopping, a military spokesperson said.

St. Patrick’s Day rites: Parades, bagpipes, clinking pints

Thousands of tourists and locals alike crowded the oak-shaded squares and downtown sidewalks of Savannah on Friday. The city's parade, a 199-year-old tradition, is the South's largest.

Farmworkers use Florida march to pressure other companies

The farmworkers said they were marching to highlight the Fair Food Program, which has enlisted companies like McDonald’s, Walmart, Taco Bell and Whole Foods to use their clout with growers to ensure better working conditions and wages for farmworkers.