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Warren calls for major changes to US elections in latest campaign proposal

Senator Elizabeth Warren is calling for major changes to the way millions of Americans cast ballots in a proposal released on Tuesday.

Advocates wonder: Where’s the outreach from Democratic presidential candidates to Latino voters?

Advocates say they are disappointed in the attention the voters have received so far. Only four of the two dozen candidates have even put forth detailed plans on immigration.

White House to bar Kellyanne Conway from testifying to Congress about alleged violations of Hatch Act

The White House will block Kellyanne Conway from testifying before a House panel about allegations by a government watchdog that she violated the Hatch Act, increasing the likelihood of another subpoena battle between the two branches of government.

President Trump issues new sanctions on Iran

Trump’s executive order is the latest action the US has taken to discourage Tehran from developing nuclear weapons and supporting militant groups.

Military veteran to challenge Shaheen for N.H. Senate seat

Retired Army Brigadier General Don Bolduc, a Republican, is hoping to oust Democrat Jeanne Shaheen from her US Senate seat.

Trump attacks Federal Reserve again, wants interest rate cut

President Donald Trump said the Federal Reserve “doesn’t know what it’s doing” and raised interest rates too quickly.

Bernie Sanders to unveil plan to cancel all $1.6 trillion in US student loan debt

The Vermont senator and presidential candidate says the move addresses an economic burden weighing on 45 million Americans.

Trump: ‘Surprise’ question about endorsing Pence led him to hesitate

President Donald Trump says he hesitated to back a possible 2024 presidential run by Vice President Mike Pence because he was caught off-guard by the question. Given a chance at a do-over, however, Trump still did not endorse his loyal lieutenant.