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Fact checking claims from the Democratic debate

Ten Democrats seeking the presidency vied for advantage Wednesday night in a debate just over two months before the primary voting begins. Here’s a look at how some of their claims from Atlanta stack up with the facts.

Ground Game

Scorecard: Grading the debate performance of the Democratic candidates

The two-hour debate in Atlanta on Wednesday night once again gave the 10 Democratic presidential candidates on the stage a chance to reset the campaign with less than three months before the first voting.


Sondland’s testimony could well add up for Democrats

In a day that saw Trump-appointed ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland alternatively eccentric and riveting, Democrats zeroed in on his account of what they see as a damning quid pro quo.

Wednesday’s Democratic debate has an all-female moderating team

The Democratic debate hosted Wednesday by MSNBC and The Washington Post will have an all-female moderating team.

Google reins in political advertising

Google is making political ads harder to target at specific types of people.

Trump official says Ukrainians asked about status of military aid in July

Laura Cooper said the Ukrainian embassy was asking questions of her staff about a hold on military aid as far back as July 25, the day Trump asked Ukraine’s president to investigate Democrats.

Giuliani rips GOP impeachment lawyer Steve Castor over his questions

Rudy Giuliani wrote on Twitter: “Republican lawyer doesn’t do his own research and preparation, and is instead picking up Democrat lies, shame.”

Impeachment intensifies buzz about Pompeo run for US Senate

A persistent buzz about Secretary of State Mike Pompeo stepping down to run for an open Senate seat in Kansas has built to a roar.