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Federal agency recommends Kellyanne Conway be fired

The US Office of Special Counsel says that Conway has repeatedly violated a law barring federal employees from participating in politics in their official capacity.

Lock him up? Democrats weigh what to do about Trump’s deeds after he leaves office

The party’s presidential candidates are weighing how to address President Trump’s alleged misdeeds when he’s no longer in the White House.

Trump Jr. says he’s ‘glad this is finally over’ after Senate testimony

Donald Trump Jr. said he was happy to clarify answers from an interview with the panel’s staff in 2017, but told reporters, ‘‘I don’t think I changed any of what I said because there was nothing to change.’’

Howard Schultz explains his absence from the campaign trail, says he’s taking a ‘detour’

Billionaire Howard Schultz announced on Wednesday that he has undergone three back surgeries, keeping him away from the campaign trail.

US sending 1,000 more troops to Poland, Trump announces

Before President Trump spoke alongside the Polish president, a single F-35 flew over the White House to emphasize Poland’s plan to purchase the aircraft.

Trump asserts executive privilege over documents in fight over census question

The Justice Department says Donald Trump is asserting executive privilege over documents in a fight over a census question.

Should Congress be paid more? Its members can’t decide

It has been 10 years since members of Congress have gotten even a cost-of-living increase

On the campaign trail in Iowa, Biden and Trump take aim at each other

Joe Biden and President Trump were both in Iowa on Tuesday, and each had the other in his sights.