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DNC votes to move first-in-the-nation primary from N.H. to S.C.

Under the new plan, the Granite State would vote second in 2024 — but only if it changes its laws to expand absentee voting and eliminate the statutory requirement that its primary be held first.

Biden makes progress on ‘unity agenda’ outlined in 2022

Biden's unity goals would be hard for anyone to argue against: improving mental health, supporting veterans, beating the opioid epidemic and fighting cancer.

Analysis | James Pindell

Biden may have spiked NH’s first primary to avoid a challenger. Ironically, he just made it easier for someone like Bernie Sanders to run.

The move to reshuffle New Hampshire’s primary status may have made it more likely that Biden could be — if not challenged in a primary — more easily hurt politically.

The US added a stunning 517,000 jobs in January, but that number may not be as good as it seems

The job growth almost doubled December’s gains, but some economists said lingering pandemic distortions likely led to a vast overstatement of the labor market's strength.

DeSantis eyes 2024 from afar as GOP rivals move toward runs

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis may be months away from publicly declaring his presidential intentions, but his potential rivals aren’t holding back.

Chinese spy balloon spotted over Western US, Pentagon says

The US is tracking a suspected Chinese surveillance balloon that has been spotted over US airspace for a couple days, but the Pentagon decided not to shoot it down due to risks of harm for people on the ground, officials said Thursday.

Gen Z activists worry that university TikTok bans could hurt their ability to organize

Pivoting to another platform would mean the loss of carefully constructed networks, leaving organizers to start from scratch on a new social ecosystem that, in many cases, could have fewer users.

House Republicans vote to oust Democrat Ilhan Omar from major committee

The Republican-led House voted after raucous debate Thursday to oust Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar from the chamber’s Foreign Affairs Committee, citing her anti-Israel comments, in a dramatic response to Democrats last session booting far-right GOP lawmakers over incendiary remarks.