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The Supreme Court could decide the election, but only if an unlikely scenario unfolds. Here’s why

The Supreme Court weighed three decisions this week that regulated the deadline for receiving mail-in ballots in three crucial battleground states. If the race comes down to a razor-thin margin in any one of them, the court could decide the fate of the election.

The luckiest Republican on earth (hint: it’s Scott Brown)

The former senator is living his best life as ambassador in COVID-vanquishing New Zealand. Ask about his Independence Day rager.

Trump tests limits as Cabinet members fan out to key states

Members of President Trump’s Cabinet are logging extra miles as mostly unofficial campaign surrogates in crucial states in the final days before Tuesday's election, blending politics and policy in ways that critics say skirt established norms and may even violate the law.

Far-right militias heed Trump’s call for poll watchers, and law enforcement is worried

The country is on high alert in the countdown to Election Day, and the nation’s law enforcement agencies, election protection specialists, and watchdog groups are bracing for rogue acts of violence.

As virus surges, Trump rallies keep packing in thousands

President Trump's rallies are among the nation's biggest events being held in defiance of crowd restrictions designed to stop the virus from spreading.


Pain by the numbers

It's hard for Trump to sell his re-election story when the tally on COVID and the economy is so bad. Numbers are not Trump’s friend at the moment.

President Trump, Joe Biden appeal to last-minute voters in Florida

President Trump and Democratic rival Joe Biden are set to chase votes in Florida, a state all but essential to the Republican’s pathway to another term as both nominees turn their focus to encouraging voters to turn out on Election Day.

Student Q+A on Election 2020
Boston Globe political reporters answer students’ questions on the 2020 presidential race.