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Biden will urge Congress’ top leaders to keep the government open and send aid to Ukraine and Israel

President Biden is meeting with the top four leaders of Congress to press for quick action to avoid a looming government shutdown and send emergency aid to Ukraine and Israel.

Biden and Trump will face tests in Michigan’s primaries that could inform a November rematch

While President Biden and Donald Trump are marching toward their respective presidential nominations, Michigan’s primary on Tuesday could reveal significant political perils for both of them.

Biden and Trump both plan trips to the Mexico border Thursday, dueling for advantage on immigration

President Biden and former president Donald Trump will make dueling trips to the US-Mexico border on Thursday, as both candidates try to turn the nation’s broken immigration system to their political advantage in an expected campaign rematch this year.

Supreme Court seems open to free speech challenges to social media laws

A decision by the court, expected by June, will almost certainly be its most important statement on the scope of the First Amendment in the internet era.

Who was to blame for secrecy surrounding Lloyd Austin’s hospitalization? A Pentagon report says no one.

An internal review largely absolves anyone of wrongdoing for the secrecy surrounding Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin's hospitalization, which included several days in the intensive care unit.

Manhattan DA asks judge for a gag order in Trump’s hush-money case ahead of next month’s trial

Jury selection in the case is scheduled to begin March 25. Barring a last-minute delay, it will be the first of Donald Trump’s four criminal cases to go to trial.

Supreme Court wrestles with GOP-led states’ efforts to regulate social media platforms

In nearly four hours of arguments, several justices questioned aspects of laws adopted by Republican-dominated legislatures and signed by Republican governors in Florida and Texas in 2021.

Magician claims he helped fake Biden’s voice for N.H. robocall: What we know

The man in New Orleans said he was hired by a Democratic consultant to produce the audio, but not distribute it. The New Hampshire attorney general said his investigation “remains active and ongoing.”

Months after backing Haley, Koch network suspends support for her campaign after South Carolina loss

The political network created by the billionaire industrialist Koch brothers had spent tens of millions of dollars trying to elevate Nikki Haley and prevent the renomination of Donald Trump.

RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel will leave post on March 8 as Trump moves to install new loyalists

McDaniel will leave her post on March 8, having been forced out of the GOP’s national leadership as Donald Trump moves toward another presidential nomination and asserts control over the party.

Air Force member dies after setting himself on fire outside the Israeli embassy in D.C.

An active-duty member of the US Air Force has died after he set himself ablaze outside the Israeli Embassy in Washington, D.C., while declaring that he “will no longer be complicit in genocide.”

Michigan primary: What to watch as 2024 campaign shifts to the first big swing state

Michigan’s presidential primary on Tuesday will a test President Joe Biden’s ability to navigate dissent within his party over his response to Israel’s war with Hamas

Leaders are likely to seek quick dismissal as Mayorkas impeachment moves to the Senate

Here's a look at next steps and the Senate’s options once the Mayorkas impeachment moves across the Capitol.

Supreme Court to decide how the First Amendment applies to social media

The Supreme Court will consider whether social media companies can make editorial judgments on what appears on their sites. And existing precedents may not offer a clear path forward.

In pivotal Michigan, the electric vehicle transition jolts a Biden-Trump rematch

Donald Trump has stoked fear about auto industry job losses from Biden's EV push as he tries to counter the president's recent endorsement by the United Auto Workers union.

Here’s how Trump won in South Carolina — and what it could mean for his chances in November

Donald Trump won over South Carolina Republicans as the candidate who voters believe can win in November, keep the country safe and will stand up and fight for them as president