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What are the symptoms of coronavirus, and how is it treated?
The US Centers for Disease Control says little is known about the virus, but it still has some tentative answers.

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Manufacturing a coronavirus defense: companies including L.L. Bean transition to medical gear production

Numerous manufacturers across New England, from iconic brands to specialty shops, are pivoting to making protective gear desperately needed in the battle against the highly-contagious coronavirus. 44 minutes ago

Shutdowns and stay-at-home orders may be slowing spread of coronavirus, new data show

The dramatic social distancing measures in Massachusetts and beyond have shown the first potential hints of slowing the advance of the novel coronavirus, evidence that public health officials said underscores the importance of keeping people home to blunt the impact of an increasingly deadly pandemic. 50 minutes ago

Wilmington nursing home moving residents out to create coronavirus recovery center

A nursing home in Wilmington said it has become the first in the Boston area to agree to convert to a COVID-19 recovery center and will begin moving its residents out of the 142-bed facility to other area sites in the next few days. an hour ago


Mass. should lead the way on virus immunity tests

The Baker administration needs to lay the groundwork now to deploy blood tests that can help us emerge from our cocoons. 3 hours ago

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Russia sending medical aid to US amid coronavirus pandemic

Here are recent updates on what’s happening in New England, the United States, and around the world.

Saudi official urges Muslims to delay hajj plans over coronavirus

A senior Saudi official urged more than 1 million Muslims intending to perform the hajj to delay making plans this year in comments suggesting the pilgrimage could be canceled due to the new coronavirus pandemic.

Russia sending medical aid to US amid coronavirus pandemic

A military aircraft loaded with medical equipment and masks took off from Moscow early on Wednesday morning, according to the Defense Ministry.

MBTA to begin taking temperature of employees

The MBTA will start to take employees' temperatures at Cabot Garage in South Boston and soon after at the Charlestown Garage, officials said Tuesday.